[00:00.00]Module 2 My favourite things
[00:21.24]Animals I like
[00:25.26]Look and learn
[00:27.19]cats dogs rabbits lizards snakes birds
[00:55.43]Look and say
[00:58.67]In a pet shop
[01:05.41]Do you like cats?No,I don't like cats.
[01:15.31]I like dogs.I like cats.
[01:20.14]Look,read and say
[01:25.52]At the zoo
[01:27.69]lions tigers snakes zebras
[01:51.70]elephants giraffes pandas monkeys
[02:11.60]Do you like monkeys?
[02:15.94]No,I don't like monkeys.Do you like pandas?
[02:21.98]Yes,I like pandas.
[02:25.87]Read and guess
[02:31.33]They're big.They're grey.What are they?
[02:36.50]They're elephants.They're big.They're black and white.
[02:46.43]What are they?They're tall.They're yellow and brown.
[02:56.43]What are they?They're long.They're smooth.What are they?
[03:06.67]They're big.They're orange and black.What are they?
[03:14.51]They're small.They're brown.What are they?
[03:20.72]They're big.They're brown.What are they?
[03:28.98]Learn the sound.
[03:31.80]i Mike has five nice kites.