[00:00.00]page 25
[00:20.30]More oral practice
[00:23.56]Tallking about fire-safety
[00:31.11]There was a fire in Red Star School yesterday.
[00:37.49]Did you know?
[00:40.23]Yes.Our teacher,Miss Li,has told us about it.
[00:45.58]How did the fire start?
[00:49.66]A boy was playing with matches in school.
[00:55.30]It was very dry yesterday.The fire danger was high.
[01:03.76]Did anybody get hurt in the fire?
[01:08.02]No.We fought the fire for two hours.
[01:14.79]Nobody got hurt in the fire.
[01:19.44]I'm going to talk about fire-safety to the students there tomorrow.
[01:28.50]What are you going to say?
[01:31.98]We must be careful.We must not start fires.
[01:39.63]Also,we must not play with matches.
[01:44.07]We must put out the fire after a barbecue.
[01:48.75]Good,you know a lot about fire-safety.
[01:56.01]Do you remember anything else we must and must not do?
[02:04.16]Mm..,at home we must not....
[02:08.60]In the Space Museum
[02:15.55]Look at these photographs.What are they?
[02:17.73]看这些照片。 他们是什么?
[02:19.91]They are the Sun,the Earth,the Moon and some other stars.
[02:26.08]Look,the Moon is bigger than the stars.
[02:30.94]No,the Moon is much smaller than the stars.
[02:36.40]It looks bigger because it's closer to the Earth.
[02:40.94]Does anybody live on the Moon?
[02:45.49]No people,animals or plants are able to live there because there isn't any air.
[02:53.74]There is no water on the Moon,either.
[02:58.10]Look at the photograph of the Earth.
[03:01.86]There are a few colours on it.
[03:05.34]What are the green parts?
[03:08.50]They are land.We live on land.
[03:12.76]Oh,I see.What are the blue parts,then?
[03:18.53]The blue parts are the oceans.
[03:22.19]We get water from oceans,rivers and lakes.
[03:27.15]We use water to wash our clothes.
[03:31.10]We also use water to cook food and make drinks.
[03:36.24]We can't live without water.
[03:40.68]Look at the white parts.What are they?Do you know?
[03:46.25]Are they clouds?
[03:49.17]Yes,water makes clouds and clouds bring us rain.
[03:54.92]Really?So rain comes from clouds!
[03:59.96]The Space Museum is a very interesting place.
[04:06.00]Yes,we've learned a lot about space.
[04:10.72]I hope we will visit here again soon.