[00:00.00]My neighbourhood
[00:21.71]1 People's jobs
[00:28.19]1 What job do you do?I'm a fireman.
[00:36.26]Mark's father is a fireman.
[00:41.01]2 What do you usually do?
[00:46.86]I drive a fire-engine.We put out fires.
[00:53.24]He drives a fire-engine.
[00:57.39]Firemen put out fires.
[01:02.25]3 Do you like your job?
[01:08.21]Yes,I do.I like to help people.I like to put out fires.
[01:17.35]Mark's father likes his job.
[01:22.21]He like to help people.He likes to put out fires.
[01:29.29]Look and learn
[01:34.04]an astronaut/flies a spacecraft
[01:41.77]a pilot/flies an aeroplane(a plane)
[01:48.41]a farmer/grows food
[01:57.66]Look and read
[02:02.02]1 I want to be a pilot.
[02:07.79]I want to fly an aeroplane.
[02:11.55]2 I want to be an astronaut.I want to fly a spacecraft.
[02:20.02]3 I want to be a fisherman.
[02:25.97]I want to catch fish.
[02:29.45]4 I want to be a doctor.
[02:34.49]I want to make sick people better.
[02:38.93]Tommy Target
[02:43.08]What job do you do?
[02:47.65]What do you usually do?
[02:51.21]I want to be a/an____.
[02:55.93]I want to fly/catch/help
[03:03.88]Why? I like to help/teacht/fly/put out/catch/grow...