[00:00.00]page 67
[00:17.40]unit 2 Barbecues are fun
[00:19.63]单元二 烧烤是有趣的
[00:21.86]Look and learn
[00:24.71]steak in black pepper sauce
[00:29.99]chicken wings
[00:33.33]spicy sausage
[00:36.78]fish balls
[00:45.77]sweet potatoes
[00:54.60]pork chops
[01:11.05]spicy crisps
[01:22.70]orange juice
[01:25.76]lemon tea
[01:28.97]distilled water
[01:32.42]apple juice
[01:35.58]soya milk
[01:38.46]Look and read
[01:41.62]Let's have a barbecue.
[01:45.77]That's a good idea.
[01:49.43]Shall we buy some soft drinks?
[01:54.08]Shall we buy some meat?
[01:57.94]I'd like to have spicy sausages.
[02:02.67]Let's buy some honey.
[02:06.43]Barbecued meat tastes nicer with honey.
[02:12.18]Shall we buy some fruit?
[02:16.86]Or shall we bring some salad?
[02:21.40]Shall we buy some snacks?
[02:25.79]page 68
[02:29.13]Look and learn
[02:32.19]cakes/sweet crisps/salty
[02:37.06]蛋糕/甜的 脆的/有盐分的
[02:41.93]crisps/spicy lemons/sour
[02:46.36]脆的/加香料的 柠檬的/酸的
[02:50.79]Look and read
[02:53.90]1 Let's go to the supermarket to buy the food and drinks for the barbecue.
[02:59.03]1 让我们去超市为烧烤买食品和饮料。
[03:04.16]Shall we buy some Coke?
[03:10.22]Why do you like Coke?
[03:13.99]I like it because it's nice and sweet.
[03:20.05]Shall we buy some fruit?
[03:27.28]Let's buy some oranges.
[03:31.64]Why do you like oranges?
[03:36.01]I like them because they're sweet.
[03:40.37]Let's buy some chocolates.
[03:44.81]I don't like chocolates.
[03:49.49]Why not?They're too sweet.
[03:55.96]Let's buy some meat.What do you like?
[04:03.72]I like chicken wings.
[04:07.67]Why do you like chicken wings?
[04:11.92]I like them because they're delicious.
[04:17.57]What do you like,Kitty?
[04:21.62]I like meatballs.They're tasty.
[04:27.18]page 69
[04:30.73]Look and read
[04:33.68]1 I've got thirty yuan.
[04:35.42]1 我有30 元。
[04:37.16]How much money have you got?
[04:40.50]I've got sixty-nine yuan.
[04:44.58]I've got seventy-two yuan.
[04:49.25]I've got sixty yuan.
[04:50.98]我有60 元。
[04:52.70]page 70
[04:56.78]Look and read
[04:59.94]1 Today is a good day for our barbecue.
[05:03.87]1 今天对我们的烧烤是个好日子。
[05:07.80]Yes!It's hot and sunny.There's no rain and there's no wind.
[05:16.76]2 This is a good place.Let's make a fire.
[05:21.68]2 这是一个好地方。让我们生火。
[05:26.61]3 This smells good!
[05:29.59]3 这气味有益的!
[05:32.56]Our meat will be ready soon.
[05:37.03]4 May I have some corn,please?
[05:40.45]4 给我一些谷物,请?
[05:43.88]OK.Here you are.Why do you like corn?
[05:50.54]I like it because it's delicious.
[05:55.68]5 Would you like some Coke?
[05:59.11]5 你想要一些可乐吗?
[06:02.53]No,thanks.I don't want any Coke.
[06:07.99]Why not? It's too sweet.
[06:14.44]I love barbecues! They're a lot of fun!
[06:17.67]我爱烧烤! 他们是许多娱乐!
[06:20.89]page 71
[06:24.16]Tommy Target
[06:25.78]汤米 目标
[06:27.40]Shall we...? Let's....
[06:33.04]Why do you like...?
[06:36.70]I like...because...
[06:41.45]tasty/salty delicious/spicy
[06:46.28]好吃的/有盐分的 美味的/加香料的
[06:51.12]May I have some...,please?
[06:56.68]OK.Here you are.
[07:00.44]Would you like some....?
[07:02.16]你想要一些 ....?
[07:03.89]Yes,I'd like some_______.
[07:08.33]No,thanks.I don't want any______.
[07:12.77]Why not?