[00:00.00]More oral practice
[00:03.50]What would you like to be?
[00:10.55]Look at the photo of my father and me in front of a new restaurant.
[00:20.90]Wow,it's a nice restarurant!
[00:25.76]Yes,it is.My father works there.
[00:30.51]Really?What job does your father do?
[00:35.37]He's a cook.
[00:38.82]Does he like his job?
[00:42.16]Yes,very much.He likes cooking delicious food.
[00:48.04]Would you like to be a cook,too?
[00:51.80]Oh,no!I like eating but I don't like cooking.
[00:57.76]Then,what would you like to be?
[01:02.01]I'd like to be a policeman. Why?
[01:04.38]我想是一个警察。 为什么?
[01:06.74]I'd like to be a policeman because I want to help make our city a safe place.
[01:15.28]How about you?What job would you like to do?
[01:20.25]I don't know yet.
[01:23.41]Maybe I'll become an astronaut.
[01:27.35]That's great!
[01:30.51]Rules in the park
[01:40.26]Look!These flowers are beautiful.
[01:46.19]Yes,they are.Can I pick one?
[01:50.92]No,you can't.We must not pick flowers in the park.
[01:58.05]That's the rule.
[02:01.42]Look!There are so many fish in the pond.
[02:06.77]We can catch some.
[02:09.93]No.Look at the sign.I says:No fishing here.
[02:17.59]Oh,I can see a lot of people over there.What happened?
[02:24.95]Let's go and have a look.
[02:28.79]No.We must not walk across the grass in the park.
[02:36.55]Look at the sign.
[02:40.50]I'm sorry.I can't see clearly.What does it say?
[02:46.27]It says:Don't walk across the grass.
[02:52.02]Wow,what a big tree!I can climb to the top.
[02:57.58]Stop!Don't climb trees in the park.
[03:03.75]Yes,here is another sign.
[03:08.60]We must follow all the rulew.