[00:00.00]More oral practice
[00:06.48]1 Talking about photos
[00:10.74]Bring photos of yourself at different ages.
[00:16.40]Look at these photos!Guess.Who is the baby in this photo?
[00:22.57]I don't know.Oh,is it you?
[00:26.72]Yes,you're right.It was me when I was six months old.
[00:32.47]I was very small then,
[00:36.13]Who is the child with a ball in that photo?
[00:40.52]Oh,that's me,too.That was me when I was six years old.
[00:47.18]I was six years old.I was 90cm tall and I weighed 18kg.
[00:53.24]Now this photo must be a new one!
[00:57.18]Dad took it yesterday.I weigh 40kg,and I am 128cm tall now.
[01:06.04]You can see a lot of changes in these three photos.
[01:10.48]Yes,from a baby to a child,from a child to a teenager.
[01:17.24]Everybody is changing all the time.
[01:21.40]2 Four seasons in Garden City
[01:26.65]Which is your favourite season?Why do you like it?
[01:31.40]What do you do in different sea-sons?
[01:34.77]Winter has come.We can ride skateboards.
[01:41.22]Yes.I like winter very much.But I like summer better.
[01:47.99]Why? Because we can swim and make sandcastles on the beach.
[01:53.84]Many boys like summer and winter.But I like spring best.
[02:00.89]In spring,we can see many beautiful flowers and trees.
[02:07.06]It's warm and sunny.We can play in the park.
[02:13.59]Autumn is my favourite season.
[02:17.64]In autumn,We can eat lots of fruit.We can also have a barbecue.
[02:25.71]We have four seasons but everybody has his own favourite season.
[02:32.37]We all like to do different things in different seasons.