[00:00.00]4 Food from other countries
[00:22.49]Look and learn
[01:56.61]New Zealand
[02:13.56]Look and say
[02:16.49]Some apples,some oranges and some bananas.
[02:25.14]Where do they come from?
[02:28.90]Look and write
[02:33.65]Rice!Where does it come from?
[02:38.30]some comes from Australia.
[02:42.85]Some comes from Japan.
[02:47.39]Look and read
[02:51.76]1 Look,Danny.I've made a cake.What did you make it with?
[03:00.90]I made it with butter,sugar,eggs,milk and flour.
[03:09.36]2 How did you make it?
[03:14.72]I mixed the butter,the sugar,
[03:19.68]the eggs,the milk and then the flour with a spoon.
[03:28.14]3 Then I put the mixture in a tin.
[03:35.90]4 I put it in the oven for 25 minutes.
[03:43.95]Look and learn
[03:53.77]the dearest
[04:02.05]the cheapest
[04:05.00]Look and read
[04:07.93]The apples from Canada are cheap.
[04:11.69]They're¥3 each.
[04:15.53]The ones from New Zealand are cheaper.
[04:20.28]The butter from New Zealand is dear.
[04:24.44]The butter from Japan is the dearest.
[04:29.69]Look and read
[04:34.96]1 Our mum is a very good cook.She likes cooking.
[04:44.19]We like helping her.We go shopping together.
[04:50.56]2 I like washing the fruit and vegetables.
[04:57.51]3 I like peeling the carrots.
[05:03.46]4 I like laying the table.
[05:09.73]5 We like eating our mum's food.
[05:16.87]6 We don't like washing the dishes.
[05:25.02]Tommy Target
[05:27.89]come from
[05:30.95]I've made...
[05:34.39]I/We like/don't like
[05:41.26]He/She likes/doesn't like
[06:04.32]dear/dearer/the dearest
[06:10.85]cheap/cheaper/the cheapest
[06:17.51]Now listen!
[08:00.67]Look and read