[00:00.00]Garden City and its neighbours
[00:22.60]1 Out and about
[00:27.04]Look and read
[00:29.91]Dear Tom.
[00:32.65]Hi!How are you?
[00:36.88]It is autumn now in Garden City.The weather is very good.It is sunny.
[00:44.83]but not too hot.
[00:47.88]Yesterday,we went to Prince Park.Tomorrow,
[00:53.52]I am going to play basketball at Zhongshan Park.
[00:57.97]On Wednesday,our class is going to visit the Space Museum.
[01:03.03]On Thursday,we are going to visit the Railway museum.
[01:08.08]On Friday,we are going to visit the Buddha on Lucky lsland.
[01:16.59]Look and rhyme
[01:21.35]Thirty days have September,April,June and November.
[01:30.59]All the rest have thirty-one,except February,
[01:38.04]Which has twenty-eight and twenty-nine in a leap year.
[01:45.48]Look and say
[01:48.43]Where are you going to visit today?
[01:53.40]We're going to visti the Space Museum.
[01:58.44]When are you going to leave the school?
[02:03.01]At half past eleven.
[02:07.06]Look and read
[02:11.81]This is a photograph of Hong Kong.
[02:19.39]An astronaut took it from Space.
[02:26.05]Can you see HongKong Island?
[02:31.38]Kowloon is north of Hongkong Island.
[02:38.43]Lamma Island is south of HongKong Island
[02:46.30]and Lantau Island is west of HongKong Island.
[02:56.88]There are no big islands east of Hong Kong Island.
[03:06.91]The South China Sea is around HongKang Island.
[03:16.34]Tommy Target
[03:20.59]Where are you going to visit?
[03:27.07]Where are you going to have lunch?
[03:33.42]When is going to leave?
[03:40.50]When is the visit going to start?
[03:47.34]Where is Lamma Island/Kowloon/Lantau Island?
[04:04.90]It's south of Hong Kong Island.
[04:12.26]It's north of Hong Kong Island.
[04:18.93]It's east of Hong Kong Island.
[04:25.38]It's west of Hong Kong Island.