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    他们是不是能把屋子里的其他人也变得一样的聪明。[/cn] [en]7. If they are managers, they will make every effort to get people smarter, more connected and more popular than them in their teams. They’re not threatened because they know that smartness is [w]synergistic[/w]. They also make sure that their smart people get to look smarter than them for the same reason.[/en][cn]如果他们是经理级别的人物,他们会努力让别Quora人在整个团队中看上去比他们还要聪明、亲密和受欢迎。他们不会感到威胁,因为聪明有相互促进的作用。同理,他们也会确保这些聪明人看起来更聪明。[/cn] [en]8. They have hidden skills that never get rolled out until they’re needed. They don’t have any need to show their full capabilities for reasons of proving they’re better than others.[/en][cn]不到万不得已,他们不会展现出自己的所有技能,无需仅仅为了证明自己比别人厉害而去秀自己的能力。[/cn] [en]9. They may or may not have expensive educations. You’d never know, just by being with them unless you had their CV in front of you.[/en][cn]他们也许没有受到非常高端的教育,除非看到他们的简历,否则你永远都无从得知。[/cn] [en]10. They never, ever, under any circumstances, make you look stupid, even though it would be easy to do so. They’ve learnt through bitter experience that the only thing that happens when you make someone look bad is you look bad yourself.[/en][cn]在任何情况下,他们绝对绝对不会让你看起来很愚笨,哪怕这是件轻而易举的事情。因为从过去的教训中他们学到的是,让别人出丑的唯一结果就是自己也出丑。[/cn] [en]Now you should know who the smart people are. If you want to be the smart one, let me give you this extra advice from Steve Jobs “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.”[/en][cn]现在你应该知道谁才是聪明人了吧。如果你想变得聪明,再送你一句话,就是乔帮主那句经典的名言:“求知若饥,虚心若愚”。[/cn]  

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    着呢?[/cn] [en]Goals and dreams.Loved ones.Pleasure and happiness.Curiosity.Religion and spirituality.[/en][cn]目标跟梦想。你所爱的人。快乐跟幸福。好奇心。信仰跟精神。[/cn] [en]2. Being alive is pretty great. Sometimes, people decide it's not great, and in fact it's so terrible that they don't want to be alive anymore. But most of us try to keep living. Fat has nothing to do with that. Why would it? Maybe you think fat people are worthless. That says more about you than it does about fat people.[/en][cn]活着本身就已经很了不起了。有时候,人们觉得活着也不见得有多伟大,事实上一个人如果不想活了的话,那就太可怕了。但是我们当中的大多数人都想要活着。肥胖跟那个完全没有关系。为什么呢?可能你会觉得胖的人是没有什么价值的。但是胖的人在这方面比你更有话语权。[/cn] [en]3. I imagine that what motivates them to keep living is their thoughts, ideas, feelings, passions, projects, goals, dreams. They live because they love, hate, cherish, yearn, despise and embrace.What motivates them to keep living is who they are, not how they look.[/en][cn]我想像他们活下去的动力是他们的思想、观点、感受、感情、计划、目标跟梦想。它们活着是因为他们会爱、会恨、会珍惜、会向往,会鄙视以及会拥抱。支撑着他们继续活下去的动力是他们本身而不是他们的样子。[/cn] [en]4. That's a pretty narcissistic view of life. No one exists just for your benefit. How about you focus on what you are doing to improve the world instead of why other people exist?[/en][cn]那是一种很自恋的生活观点。没有人是为了你的利益的存在的。如果仅仅只关注你对这个世界所做的贡献而在乎为什么其他人会存在的话,你会怎么样?[/cn] [en]5. Ah, this sounds like troll bait. I'm very slender but I don't look at people who weigh more than me and feel better about myself. Honestly, I've known plenty of people who are overweight according to society's standards, and I still find some of them attractive.[/en][cn]啊,这听上去挺有趣。我很苗条,但我从不盯着那些比我重的人看,或是自我感觉很良好。说实话,我认识很多体重超重于社会标准的人,但是我仍然觉得他们中的一些人很有吸引力。[/cn] [en]Full disclosure: Yes, I have compared myself to other people in a variety of ways to try to make myself feel better. I have since learned something: true confidence lies not in comparing myself to others who are "less fortunate" but in not needing to compare myself at all.[/en][cn]完全披露:是的,我曾将Quora自己和其他人从各个方面对比过,试图徒增自己的优越感。从那以后我学会了:真正的自信不是加诸与和那些“运气不那么好”的人对比上,而是在于全然不用攀比之中。[/cn] 小编插话:提这个问题的人完全是没事找抽型,其实大家一起拍死ta就好==  

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    去呢?[/cn] [en]I don't want to get into the complexity of choosing between veg and non veg.[/en][cn]我不想弄得很复杂,还要选择素食还是非素食。[/cn] [en]I don't have a friend who is equally hungry and wants to go out.[/en][cn]没有朋友和我一样饿想要出去吃。[/cn] [en]I don't want to get into the chaos and confusion of choosing a food item liked by everyone.[/en][cn]我不想陷入麻烦纠结于选一种每个人都喜欢的食物。[/cn] [en]I am so hungry that I just want to avoid any gossip. It's a dedicated relationship between the food and me.[/en][cn]我很饿不想听任何八卦,我和食物是真感情。[/cn] [en]I don't like the complexity of sharing food and bill.[/en][cn]我不喜欢分享食物和分摊账单的麻烦。[/cn] [en]Avoiding the chaos, I just want to spend sometime with myself.[/en][cn]远离混乱,我只想自己待会。[/cn] [en]I can eat with hands, legs, spoon, fork and no matter how I want.[/en][cn]我能用手吃、用腿吃、用匙、用叉子吃,想怎么吃就怎么吃。[/cn]   获得1.5k好评的回答@Elizabeth Escobar: [en]There are many pleasures that life provides. For me, eating alone is one of them.[/en][cn]生活给我很多乐趣,对我而言独自用餐就是其中之一。[/cn] [en]There is nothing like walking into a restaurant, perusing a menu at your own pace, and keeping yourself company the entire time. Usually when I go out to eat with a group I select a “safety meal,” which I will order if everyone else is ready to order and I can't find anything better, but when I'm alone I look at my own place.[/en][cn]没什么能比得上走进一家餐厅,按自己的节奏看菜单,享受完全属于自己的时间。通常和朋友们一起出去吃饭时我会选择“安全的菜”,点别人都准备点的菜,找不到更好吃的。但自己吃饭就可以随自己的口味了。[/cn] [en]Waiting for the food is a joy, too. With modern day technology I can read on Quora or play games on my phone and not have to worry about being rude. Or if that's not particularly [w]enticing[/w], then sitting and thinking is wonderful.[/en][cn]等着上菜时也有乐趣。有现代科技我可以浏览Quora或者玩

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    , and the indestructible Cherry keyboard had a few keys missing and a dent in the middle of the metal pad.[/en][cn]那时我才知道发生了什么,我隔间上方拉着一个巨大办公室空调的链子断了,直接掉下来砸在我的座位上。电脑显示屏被砸成了两半,机箱上砸出了一个坑,超级结实的Cherry键盘丢了几个按键,金属桌板正中间凹了一块。[/cn] [en]The air conditioner had fallen at around 11 am, and I came to the office at 12 pm. Should I have come in on time that day, I would have never registered on Quora.[/en][cn]空调是11点左右掉下来的,我12点到的办公室。我那天要是准时上班就没机会注册Quora了。[/cn]  

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