• 美国把税收进英国王室?都是因为有个美国媳妇!

    有的资金来源。”[/cn] [en]This means it's not only the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’ money that will be taxed. Their jewellery and designer outfits are also subject to tax return.[/en][cn]这意味着不仅苏塞克斯公爵的公爵和公爵夫人的资金,还有他们的珠宝及设计师服装也将被征税。[/cn] [en]Even the couple’s home, Nottingham Cottage in Kensington Palace, will be looked at.[/en][cn]即使是这对夫妇的住所,肯辛顿宫的诺丁汉小屋也将被审核。[/cn] [en]One former aide explained: "Everything has to be declared.[/en][cn]一名前助手解释说:“所有东西都需要申报。 “[/cn] [en]“That means a level of fiscal openness and scrutiny the Royal Family are not used to.[/en][cn]这意味着王室需要面对他们并不习惯的财政开放和审查。[/cn] [en]“There is a very comfortable relationship between the Palace and the HMRC where the Royal Family volunteers to pay some tax and the taxman is very grateful."[/en][cn]“白金汉宫和英国皇家税务与海关总署之间一直维持着非常舒适的关系,对于王室自愿支付一些税款,税务员表示非常感激。”[/cn] [en]Buckingham Palace will reportedly recruit a team of US financial experts to assist with Meghan's tax returns.[/en][cn]据报道,白金汉宫将招募一个美国金融专家团队来协助查明梅根的纳税申报表。[/cn] [en]The Duchess of Sussex is currently on a Leave to Remain visa, an immigration status granted to a person who does not hold the right of abode in the UK, but who has been admitted to the UK without any time limit on his or her stay and who is free to take up employment or study.[/en][cn]苏塞克斯公爵夫人目前持有英国居离签证,这是授予那些在英国没有居留权的人的签证,但是他们可以在没有任何时间限制的情况下被允许进入英国,并且可以自由求职或就学。[/cn] [en]Kensington Palace said of Meghan's visa: "Ms. Markle has taken full legal advice on her right to remain in the UK and will be fully compliant with all requirements at all times.[/en] [cn]肯辛顿宫对梅根的签证的评论是:“梅根女士已经就她留在英国的权利获得了充分的法律建议,并且在任何时候都完全符合所有要求。[/cn] [en]“She will go through the normal visa process.”[/en][cn]“她将通过正常的签证申办程序。”[/cn] [en]"Ms. Markle intends to become a British citizen going through the normal process, which will take a number of years."[/en][cn]“马克尔女士打算通过正常程序成为英国公民,这需要数年时间。”[/cn] (翻译:Jen)

  • 梅根母亲受邀和王室过圣诞!又一次打破惯例了

    会在诺福克桑德林厄姆庄园欢度圣诞节,去年梅根是第一个收到女王的圣诞邀请的非王室成员。[/cn] [en]This year, it looks like Elizabeth is breaking royal tradition again for another member of Meghan's family: Her mother, Doria Ragland.[/en][cn]今年,伊丽莎白很可能又要打破皇室传统,邀请梅根家里的另一位成员:他的母亲Doria Ragland。[/cn] [en]This is a huge deal since royal in-laws aren't usually invited to do, well, much of anything important with the royal family.[/en][cn]这确实是网开一面,因为王室的姻亲在有关皇室的重要场合往往都不会被邀请。[/cn] [en]Sure, they're invited to weddings and christenings, but they can't call dibs on Christmas or Easter or even necessarily tag along for the royals' celebrations.[/en][cn]他们会被邀请去婚礼和洗礼,但是像圣诞节、复活节等等其他重要的节日他们不

  • 梅根和哈里的孩子,竟然不是公主和王子!怎么回事?

    [en]Now that the royal pair have announced that they're expecting their first child, let's start thinking about titles. We all know that Harry and Meghan are the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but what would Meghan and Harry's baby's title be? Would they be Prince or Princess New Baby, or something else entirely?[/en][cn]梅根和哈里已经表示将迎来第一个孩子,来想想到时候孩子的头衔吧。哈里和梅根是萨塞克斯的公爵和公爵夫人,他们的孩子会是什么头衔呢?是王子公主还是其他称谓?[/cn] [en]The answer is a little complicated. Since the baby will be the Queen's great-grandchild and seventh in line to the throne, according to The Evening Standard, that would put him or her a little bit too far out on the line of succession to get the automatic HRH (His/Her Royal Highness) title.[/en][cn]这个问题有点复杂。据媒体《The Evening Standard》报道,两人的孩子是女王的重孙,也是王位的第七继承人,但是这样的继承顺序让新生儿难以获得 “殿下”的头衔。[/cn] [en]Instead, the baby would likely get one of the subsidiary titles that the Queen gave Harry on the day of his wedding. If he's a boy, that means the baby would be the Earl of Dumbarton, which has, um, a nice ring to it, and if it's a girl, she may be Lady (Her Name) Mountbatten-Windsor. Any sons they have after that would, likewise, get Lord (His Name) Mountbatten-Windsor.[/en][cn]新生儿很有可能会得到女王在哈里婚礼当天赐予的子头衔。男孩将成为邓巴顿伯爵,听起来似乎还不错,女孩会成为蒙巴顿·温莎女士。之后的的男孩将称为蒙巴顿·温莎王。[/cn] [en]The only way the baby could become a prince or princess is the Queen chooses to issue what's called a Letters Patent, which she did for Prince George. That's because it would signify that, when Charles reigns, the baby would eventually be further up in the lineage and therefore a prince or princess.[/en][cn]要是想得到王子或者公主的头衔,唯一的方法就是女王发布专利证书,此前伊丽莎白就为乔治王子发布了证书。也就是说,查理离职后,梅根和哈里的孩子能顺位而上,称为王子或公主。[/cn] [en]Only time will tell if the Queen decides to do that—but, either way, that kid is entering into one incredibly impressive family.[/en][cn]只有时间会告诉我们女王最终是否会这样做,但是无论如何,迎接宝宝的都将是一个盛大的家族。[/cn] (翻译:阿忙)

  • 小丑女要归来!玛格特罗比真的太性感了

    出演阎羽茜的IMAX电影,这部电影围绕一群女超级英雄和超级反派展开。[/cn] [en]Breaking with blonde Caucasian tradition, Warner Bros. have tested Janelle Monae, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Jurnee Smolett-Bell to play crime fighter Black Canary (aka Dinah Laurel).[/en][cn]华纳兄弟打破金发碧眼白种人的传统,加奈儿·梦奈,古古·玛芭塔劳和朱尼·斯莫利特已经试镜了罪犯斗士黑金丝雀(又叫做黛娜·罗瑞尔)。[/cn] [en]Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Margaret Qualley, and Cristin Milioti are reportedly in the running to play mafia princess-turned-vigilante Huntress (aka Helena Bertinelli).[/en][cn]据报道,玛丽·伊丽莎白·温斯泰德,玛格丽特·库里和克丽斯汀·米里奥蒂正在角逐公主出身的义务警员黑手党猎手(又名海伦娜·贝蒂内利)这一角色。[/cn] [en]The official Birds of Prey baddie will be Gotham City crime lord Black Mask (aka Roman Sionis), who has never been depicted onscreen before - according to The Wrap.[/en][cn]据《The Wrap》报道,《猛禽小队》官方反派将是《哥谭市》的犯罪头子黑面具(又叫罗曼·希恩尼斯),此前该角色从未搬上过大荧幕。[/cn] [en]The Terminal actress will next play Queen Elizabeth I opposite Saoirse Ronan's Mary Stuart in Josie Rourke's biopic Mary Queen of Scots, which hits US theaters December 7 and UK theaters January 18.[/en][cn]接下里,在乔茜·洛克导演的传记电影《苏格兰玛丽女王》中,这位《终端》女演员饰演伊丽莎白一世将与西尔莎·罗南所扮演的玛丽·斯图亚特演对手戏,这部电影分别将于12月7日和明年1月18日在美国和英国上映。[/cn] (翻译:球球)

  • 哈里王子偶遇英国女王,还是会慌!这奶奶确实不一样...

    到她的责任时,她说:“53个国家啊,我的天啊,这够我们忙的。”[/cn] [en]Meghan is reunited with her bridal gown and veil as they are prepared for a new exhibition at Windsor Castle starting in October.[/en][cn]梅根的新娘礼服和

  • 这些历史事件居然是同时发生?我已凌乱

    立了总督府[/cn] 注:普利茅斯镇是第一批欧洲移民在新英格兰地区的落脚安家处。   [en]12.Swiss Women Got The Right To Vote The Same Year The U.S. Drove A Buggy On The Moon (1971)[/en][cn]瑞士妇女获得选举权同年,美国人在月球上开

  • 真性情!嫌弃马驹太臭,女王直接捂住了鼻子!

    [en]This is not the way to welcome Queen Elizabeth home![/en][cn]这不该是欢迎伊丽莎白女王

  • 夏洛特小公主的爱好是什么?竟然和女王一样...

    由来嫉妒三岁的夏洛特小公主,她现在继承了伊丽莎白女王最喜欢的爱好。根据Town & Country的报道,这位年轻的王室成员开始骑马了。[/cn] [en]The Queen, who is 92 now, still rides regularly, and has been an avid rider for years.[/en][cn]92岁的女王,现在还是定期骑马。多年以来,她一直都是骑马爱好者。[/cn] [en]Just imagine Elizabeth and Charlotte sharing this loving look on horseback:[/en][cn]就想象一下伊丽莎白和夏洛特骑在马背上的场景是多么有爱。[/cn] [en]Riding is a favorite hobby among royals in general. Charlotte's big brother, Prince George, reportedly took up the sport at an even younger age—two.[/en][cn]骑马通常是王室成员的最爱。夏洛特公主的哥哥,乔治王子,据报道开始骑马的年纪比夏洛特还小,两岁的时候就上马了。[/cn] [en]"William and Kate were keen to get George on a horse once he was walking confidently," a source told the Daily Mail of the young prince in December 2015. "George loved his first ride–he was led around a paddock on a rein and shrieked with delight. William and Kate were both there to watch."[/en][cn]2015年,有消息告诉《每日邮报》“乔治小王子走路刚走稳时,威廉王子和凯特就热情地让他上马了。”“乔治很喜欢他的第一次骑马,他手拿着缰绳高兴地尖叫着,威廉和凯特就在边上看着他。”[/cn] [en]Others close to the royals have shared stories of Charlotte's love for riding.[/en][cn]还有一位和皇室关系亲密的人员分享了夏洛特喜欢骑马的这一讯息。[/cn] [en]Natasha Baker, a decorated Paralympic Equestrian, got a chance to speak with Kate Middleton during an event with honoring Olympians and Paralympians at Buckingham Palace. During the conversation, Charlotte's love for horseback riding came up.[/en][cn]残奥会马术运动员Natasha Baker在白金汉宫宣扬奥运会和残运会的一次活

  • 乔治王子出生前叫葡萄?女王是“卷心菜”?

    我们的父母一起去了澳大利亚,你们知道的,树袋熊是当地的动物。”[/cn] 其实,为了在外掩饰自己的身份,威廉王子和哈里王子都会使用化名。 在圣安德鲁大学求学时候,威廉王子就用了「 Steve 」这个名字,避免群众过多的关注。 而又因为威廉王子的全名是「 His Royal Highness Prince William Arthur Philip Louis  」,所以一般,较为亲密的朋友都叫他为「 Wills 」。 Duchess of Cambridge 作为王室模范夫妇,凯特和威廉经常会以“宝贝”(babe)和“亲爱的”(darling)相称。 而在大学中,凯特王妃和威廉王子相恋多年,也因此有了「 Princess-in-waiting 」的外号。 而在这个外号之前,凯特王妃的一直被身边的人称为「 Squeak 」。原因是凯特和妹妹Pippa养了两只天竺鼠,妹妹的那只叫Pip,而她的那只就叫Squeak。 据说,乔治小王子还在凯特王妃的肚子里时候,就一直被夫妇俩称为「 our little grape 」。 娘胎里,就有这么娇滴滴的名,也难怪,乔治小王子现在这么软萌~ Prince Harry 和哥哥威廉一样,为了避免过多的关注,哈里王子一直沿用「 Spike 」这个名字。 甚至曾经还用“Spike Wells”,开设过脸书账号。但四年后,因为哈里王子的裸照丑闻,导致哈里王子不得已关闭了账号。 不过,在和认识梅根之后,梅根的好友Bryony Gordon还给他起了新外号——Hazza(哈扎)。 另外,由于哈里王子的一头金发,他还有个「 Prince Hot Ginger」的绰号。 Duchess of Sussex 虽然梅根才嫁入王室不到两个月,但“入乡随俗”,公公查尔斯早早地就给她取好了绰号。 而她的外号,非常新奇,叫做——「 Tungsten」(钨)。 据查尔斯所说,这是为了赞扬梅根顽强不屈的性格。 不过,赞扬就赞扬,为什么不能“梅花”、“青竹”比较好听一点的意象呢... 估计,梅根自己的内心也非常的崩溃... 话说回来,谁没有几个从小叫大的外号、昵称呢!