• 2012年英语专四写作模拟题(3)


  • 2011年英语专四完形填空模拟题(1)

    Most worthwhile careers require some kind of specialized training. Ideally, therefore, the choice of a(n) (31) ___ should be made even before the choice of a [w]curriculum[/w] in high school. Actually, (32) ___most persons make several job choices during their working live,partly (33) ___ economic and industrial changes and partly to improve their positions. The "one perfect job" does not exist. Young people should therefore (34)­­­­­___ into a broad flexible training program that will (35)____ them for a field of (36) __ rather than for a single job. Unfortunately many young people, knowing (37) __ about the occupational world or themselves for that matter, choose their lifework (38) __ a hit-or-miss basis. Some (39)____ from job to job. Others (40)____ to work in which they are unhappy and (41) __ they are not fitted. One common mistake is choosing an occupation for (42) __ real or imagined prestige. Too many high-school students--or their parents for them__ choose the professional field, (43)___ both the relatively small proportion of work [w=vacancy]vacancies[/w] in the professions and the extremely high educational and personal (44) ____. The imagined or real [w]prestige[/w] of a profession or a "white-collar" job is (45)___ good reason for choosing it as a life's wore (46) __, these occupations are not always well paid. Since a large proportion of jobs are in mechanical and [w]manual[/w] work, the majority of young people should give serious (47) ____ to these fields. Before making an" occupational choice, a person should have a general idea of what he wants (48) __ life and how hard he is willing to work to get it. Some people desire social prestige, others intellectual satisfaction. Some want security; others are willing to take (49) __ for financial gain. Each occupational choice has its demands as well as its (50)___. 31. A. academy B. occupation   C. guidance D. identification 32. A. therefore B. so   C. though D. however 33. A. in case of B. for       C. because of D. to 34. A. enter B. participate       C. involve D. join 35. A. leave B. fit   C. require D. fix 36. A. careers B. professions       C. prospects D. work 37. A. few B. little       C. much D. less 38. A. with  B. by     C. on      D. at 39. A. flow B. wander       C. jump D. drift 40. A. stick B. turn       C. adhere D. subscribe 41. A. to which B. that       C. for which D. what 42. A. its B. their       C. /   D. the 43. A. to have disregarded B. to disregard       C. disregarding  D. disregard 44. A. preparations B. requirements       C. specifications D. preferences 45. A. such B. no       C. very D. so 46. A. Moreover B. Otherwise       C. Nevertheless D. Still 47. A. priority B. regulation       C. assessment D. consideration 48. A. out of  B. towards       C. for D. from over 49. A. advantage B. patience   C. risks D. turns 50. A. awards B. rewards   C. prizes D. bonuses   31.[B] 【解析】首旬指出“大多数重要的职业都需要一定的专业培训”,故此空应指对“职业”的选择,选B。 32.[D] 【解析】根据上下文出现的两个对应副词Ideally (理想地),Actually(实际上)可知两旬存在对立关系.含有转折意义,故选D。 33.[C] 【解析】前半句陈述现象,后半句分析原因,故选C。 34.[A] 【解析】根据句意“因此,年轻人应该……广泛灵活的培训计划”.可知enter int0“加入,参加”符合句意。 35.[B] 【解析】由后文的“一个领域的工作”和“某项工作”,可知年轻人参加培训的目的是为了“适应”工作.因此B为答案。fit sb.for意为“使适合”。 36.[D] 【解析】所填的词应与job对等呼应,故选D。 37.[B] 【解析】由Unfortunately可知空格处应填表否定意义的词,know little about表示“对……知之甚少”, 38.[C] 【解析】OH a basis“在……的基础上”。 39.[D] 【解析】Some…Others…描述了两种现象,根据上下文和一般常识推测此处应表示“不断跳槽”的意思。drift from job to job表示“从一个工作跳到另一个工作”。 40.[A] 【解析】others…则为另一种现象,应与drift相反,即死抱着不喜欢的工作,故选A。 41.[C] 【解析】and提示空格处要填的词应与in which对等.be fitted for为固定搭配,which引导从句,介词提前.故选C。 42.[A] 【解析】空格处须填入的代词指代的是an occupation故用its。 43.[C] 【解析】本空要填disregard的某种形式.空格前半句话已有主语和谓语,又由于该句主语是动词disregard的逻辑主语.表主动.故用现在分词.选C。 44.[B] 【解析】专业性职业领域对教育和个人能力要求相对较高,requirements“要求”符合旬意。 45.[B] 【解析】前两句讲选择职业时的常见错误,此处句意顺承上文,应填入否定词,表示有声誉的职业和白领职业并不能成为择业的原因,故8正确。 46.[A] 【解析】空格后面一句话继续对这样的选择予以否定.表达的是一种递进关系,有逗号隔开,选A。 47.[D] 【解析】空格所在的句子与前

  • 英语四级翻译模拟题:梦文化

    化为蝴蝶和梦醒后蝴蝶复化为己的事件的描述与探讨,提出了人不可能确切地区分真实与虚幻和生死物化的观点。 2.家喻户晓的:可译为household, famous或者well-known。 3.解梦:可译为dream interpreting。 4.意旨:可译为implication,此处含有暗示的意味,所以不要翻译成order。 5.吉兆和厄运:吉、厄翻译为auspicious和inauspicious比较精确,如果考试时不确定单词拼写,也可以翻译为较为简单的good和bad。 以上就是小编为各位考生总结的英语四级翻译模拟题,希望各位考生多多练习,争取在英语四六级考试中取得好成绩~

  • 2020年9月英语四级模拟题及答案解析(四)

    理了2020年9月英语四级阅读理解模拟题及答案解析。同学们在做完试题后,一定要认真对答案并找出自己做错的原因。大家加油呀,冲冲冲!祝大家都能高分通过考试! According to the dictionary definition of “create”, ordinary people are creative every day. To create means “to bring into being, to cause to exist”—something each of us does daily. We are creative whenever we look at or think about something in a new way. First this involves an awareness of our surroundings. It means using all of our sese to become aware of our world. This may be as simple as being aware of color and texture, as well as taste, when we plan a meal. Above all, it is the ability to notice things that others might miss. A second part of creativity is an ability to see relationships among things. I f we believe the expression, “There is nothing new under the sun,” the creativ ity is remaking or recombining the old in new ways. For example, we might do this by finding a more effective way to study or a better way to arrange our furniture, or we might make a new combination of camera lenses and filters to cr eate an unusual photograph. A third part of creativity is the courage and drive to make use of our new ide as, to apply them to achieve some new results. To think up a new concept is one thing; to put the idea to work is another. These three parts of creativity are involved in all the great works of genius, but they are also involved in many of our day to day activities.   26.Which of the following activities is NOT a creative one according to t he passage?   A.To prepare a meal.   B.To arrange the furniture in a peculiar way.   C.To buy some books from a bookstore.   D.To “write” a letter with the computer.   27.The author holds that ____.   A.creativity is of highly demand   B.creativity is connected with a deep insight to some extent   C.creativity is to create something new and concrete   D.to practise and practise is the only way to cultivate one’s creativity   28.“There is nothing new under the sun.” (Par.3) really implies that ____.   A.we can seldom create new things B.a new thing is only a tale   C.a new thing can only be created at the basis of original things D.we can scarcely see really new things in the world   29.What does the author think about the relationship between a new though t and its being put into practice?   A.It’s more difficult to create a new thought than to apply it in practice.   B.To find a new thought will definitely lead to the production of a new thing.   C.One may come up with a new thought, but can not put it into practice.   D.A man with an excellent ability of practice can easily become an inventor.   30.The best title for this passage is ____.   A.How to Cultivate One’s Creativity B.What is Creativity   C.The Importance of Creativity D.Creativity—a Not Farway Thing        参考答案:   26.答案C。本题可用排除法。根据第一段可知创造力的含 义是“使事物产生”,“致使事物存在”。而它三个方四级考试在即,小编今天为大家整理了2020年9月英语四级阅读理解模拟题面的表现可参考“短文大意”,据此,C为正确答案。   27.答案B。此题的解答需要在理解文章大意及细节基础上进行。选项B意为“创造力在一定程度上取决于非凡的洞察力。”根据最后一段,可知这是一种“天赋”,故正确。这样就可确定B为正确答案。   28.答案C。此题可在正确理解句子含义的基础上采取“排除法”来解答。根据上下文可以得知:此句的真正含义是“任何新事物的产生都是建立在原有事物基础之上的”。据此,A项认为“我们很少能创造新事物”,显然只是句子的字面意思,不正确。B项“创造新事物 是一个神话”,也为字面理解。再看C项“只有在原有事物基础之上才能创造新事物”,这不正是我们分析得出的结论吗?而D项“我们几乎不可能看到新事物”,更是差之甚远。这样就 可确定C项为正确答案无疑。   29.答案C。先找有关细节。此问题涉及到对文章第三段最 后一句的理解。作者认为“获得新思想并不意味着就能够将其付诸实践,暗含“知易行难”的意义。这样,我们就可对 选项进行分析选弃了。这样就可确定C 为正确答案无疑。   30.答案B。首先快速通读全文(注意主题句),可知文章主 要谈论的是“创造力的含义及其三个方面的表现”,整篇文章都是围绕创造力展开的。现在来分析选项。这样就可确定,B项为正确答案。

  • 雅思听力模拟题读题四大锦囊

    分了,你要马上返回来开始看部分的题型。还有在一部分读完的时候往往会有时间间隙,我们就可以往下看题目了,不用停在那里等。   锦囊二:注意题目信息   当我们在读题的时候我们要语快速把题目读好,然后把各道题目联系起来大致猜测一下可能讲的内容。我们要预分析其中的各种关系,因果关系,人物关系等等。所以在看题的时候我们就可以把握大概的内容,构建出信息框架。   锦囊三:划出重点   我们在看题的时候,我们可以划出我们觉得是关键点的地方。因为听力考试正式开始之后各道题目直接的时间就会非常紧了,你不可能有时间把整道题目都看完,所以划出关键词更有利于你快速准确把握信息。   锦囊四:先看长问题   在看问题的时候好所以的都看一下,但是你要是时间来不及你可以选择看那些长句子。因为长句子理解起来费时,而且比短句子更难理解。所以在考试的时候要是不够时间看题,你可以先看看长句子,短句子在听力考试进行的时候的间隙还是有时间扫一遍的。   以上就是小编为大家分享的“雅思听力模拟题读题四大锦囊”,希望可以给大家在学习英语过程中带来帮助,如果需要了解更多的雅思英语学习资讯,可以登录沪江网。

  • 2020年9月英语四级模拟题及答案解析(五)

    2020年9月四级考试在即,小编今天为大家整理了2020年9月英语四级阅读理解模拟题及答案解析。同学们在做完试题后,一定要认真对答案并找出自己做错的原因。大家加油呀,冲冲冲!祝大家都能高分通过考试!     Of all the components of a good night's sleep, dreams seem to be least within our control. Indreams, a window opens into a world where logic is suspended and dead people speak. Acentury ago

  • 2020年9月英语四级模拟题及答案解析(一)


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  • 2020年9月英语四级模拟题及答案解析(三)

    2020年9月四级考试在即,小编今天为大家整理了2020年9月英语四级阅读理解和作文的模拟题及答案解析。同学们在做完试题后,一定要认真对答案并找出自己做错的原因。大家加油呀,冲冲冲!祝大家都能高分通过考试! Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)         Directions: There are 4 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four

  • 2020年9月英语四级模拟题及答案解析(二)

    2020年9月四级考试在即,小编今天为大家整理了2020年9月英语四级阅读理解和写作的模拟题及答案解析。同学们在做完试题后,一定要认真对答案并找出自己做错的原因。大家加油呀,冲冲冲!祝大家都能高分通过考试! Part Ⅲ Reading Comprehension (35 minutes)   Directions: There are 4 passages in this part.Each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements.For each of them there are four