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  • 《结婚大作战》6:最美新娘

    -And, Em, you're gonna make a beautiful bride. Really. -Yeah? Yeah. I always thought so. -Thanks. Bye. -Despite it all, when morning broke on that sixth of June, it was the perfect day for a wedding. -Well, two weddings. -T-minus three hours, people. -Guard your camps, [w]execute[/w] your duties... and we may make it out of here alive. -Incoming, people. -Roses for Lerner. Peonies for Allan. Has the Allan [w]officiant[/w] reported for duty yet? -Yes, he has. -Linens for Lerner? -Yes. -Excellent. -Let's move, people. This is not a dress rehearsal. -Amazing. You can't even see the blue anymore. -Oh, Liv. -My God, you're the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. -Thank you. camp vt. 扎营;使扎营n. 露营;岗位 After months of slow travel, they stopped to make their winter camp. 经过几个月慢长的行程,他们停下来扎营以便过冬。 officiant 主祭;司仪牧师;主婚人 Show an interest in other people, but don't discuss anything that you wouldn't talk about with your grandmother or religious officiant - especially with a coworker you don't know [w]extremely[/w] well. 对他人表现感爱好,但是不要评论那些你不会和祖母或宗教主祭评论的话题,特殊是和一名你着实不深的同事。 dress rehearsal 带妆彩排;最后彩排 Life is not a dress-rehearsal 生活不是一次彩排 The weak points of the play became apparent in dress rehearsal. 在彩排中, 这出戏的不足之处才暴露出来。  -Okay. I'm going to Liv's [w]ceremony[/w], and Emma's reception. More booze. -I'm gonna do a quick head [w]count[/w] of the hot drunk single guys and then choose. Good call. Allan. Lerner. -Hey, Mr. Allan. How are you? -I'm good, bud. How're you? Big day, huh? -Yes. Yes, it is. -I caught a glimpse of Emma when I was scouting out the [w]enemy[/w] camp. She is beautiful, sir. -Thank you, Nathan. -Listen, you think I could have a word with your sister? -Not about the-the fight, about something else. Oh, yeah. Sure. -Wow. Your mom and dad would be so proud. -Thank you. Of both of you. -I just want to pass on a blessing from our generation. -Not just from myself but from... f-from my dear friends who would've given anything to be here today. -Good luck, sweetheart. ceremony 典礼,仪式;礼节,礼仪;客套,虚礼 Our headmaster rattled on for at least two hours at the opening ceremony. 我们的校长在开学典礼上唠唠叨叨地讲了至少两个小时。 catch a glimpse of 瞥见;看一看;瞥上一眼 Fans stood outside the news conference, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Spice Girls. 粉丝们都等候在新闻发布会的会场外,想一睹偶像的今日风采。 scout out 寻找;侦查 He envisioned a fleet of robotic probes that would scout out the moon and beyond. 在他的设想中,首先应由一队机器人来侦察月球和更远的星球。 pass on 传递;继续;去世 If you want to pass on values to your team, start by defining what those values mean to you. 如果你需要在你的团队传递价值观,你需要从定义那些价值观对你来说意味着什么开始 。

  • 《结婚大作战》5:为你而完美

    实地说 Quite frankly, right now I look at myself as an American, and I think others do as well. 非常坦率的说,我现在认为自己是一个美国人,我想其他人也是这样想的。 permanent 永久的,永恒的;不变的;长期的 I suppose you should have both the permanent and temporary works insured.我认为您们应该给工程投永久性和临时性的保险。 take a U-turn 大调头;掉头;逆转 Did "family values" take a U-turn?家庭价值是否发生了“U”型逆转? drop you off 中途下车 I'll drop you off, you can cross the road and I'll pick you up on the way back if you're still there when I return. 他继续说,“我把你放下来,你可以穿过公路,然后我回来时如果你还在的话我会再让你搭上来。” You nailed it 你说的对;你做到了 Amanda: You have rendered me speechless. Your choreography is second to none. You can be definite contenders tonight. You have nailed it. 阿曼达:你们彻底令我无语了。你们的编舞是独一无二的。你们今晚绝对会成为夺冠热门。你们做到了!

  • 《结婚大作战》7:诚挚的祝福

    能让这样一队虚拟员工团结在一起呢? stand by 支持;袖手旁观;准备;站在旁边 This does not mean the west should stand by in silence. 这不是意味我们这些西方人就应该保持沉默,坐视不管。 spouse n. 配偶vt. 和…结婚 You and your spouse do not have to agree on politics. 你和你的配偶不必在政治上保持一致。 count on 指望;依靠 You can count on them to do good, important things most of the time. 你可以认为他们在大多数时间都

  • 《结婚大作战》2:双双订婚

    propose an early start tomorrow.我们打算明天早早出发。 When I know, I will fly directly to her, and propose.如果我知道的话,就可以直接向她飞去,向她求婚。 克拉 carat 克拉(Ct)是宝石的重是单位,现定1克拉等于0.2克或200毫克。一克拉又分为100分,如 50分钟即0.5克拉。旧宝石书中一克拉约205.3毫克,如果换算成现定克拉,则一克拉要乘1.0265,这里只是大致说,因为旧时各国或地区的克拉值不尽相同。 例如: An anonymous bidder paid the record sum

  • 《结婚大作战》4:婚前恐惧症


  • 结婚大作战主题歌:Colbie Caillat - Something Special

        沪江英乐讯  美女安妮·海瑟薇的轻喜剧《结婚大作战》Bride Wars讲述了两位主人公本是一对好朋友,因为阴差阳错,两人的婚期都定在了同一天。于是两人开始互相攀比,希望能拥有最最完美的婚礼。电影开篇主题歌《Something Special》由创作女生Colbie Caillat倾情演唱。  安妮·海瑟薇《结婚大作战》预告片 Artist:Colbie Caillat Song:Something Special I found a way to be everything I've dreamed of, and I know it's in me that I

  • 海瑟薇《结婚大作战》婚礼动情插曲 Dream

    《结婚大作战》是一场因为女人抢风头而引起的闹剧,挺折腾也挺荒谬,但剧情进行到婚礼开始前的一刻,两人隔着礼堂的走廊相视微笑,那一刻她们终于清楚知道什么才是真正重要的。婚姻或许是你自己的,婚礼或许是重要的形式主义,但生命中永恒的维系是一生都断不了。很好听很安静的一首插曲,来自Priscilla Ahn的Dream。 安妮·海瑟薇《结婚大作战》大喜日子大掐架 预告片在线看>> Dream by Priscilla Ahn I was a little girl alone in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me. I

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    大作战》中在两位女主人公结婚要从已婚的幸福夫妇那里踩踩气、借借光(Their happiness will rub off on you and bring lasting happiness to your marriage.)新娘以后也会向他们一样持家。Some brides borrow an item of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a [w]handkerchief[/w] or perhaps a beaded purse.    something blue 某样东西是蓝色的,表示纯洁纯真的爱情(purity, [w]fidelity[/w] and love),就像

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