Both Taylor Lautner and Josh Hutcherson will be at this year's show! However, fellow hunk Liam Hemsworth will be in Las Vegas this weekend for Sunday's Academy of Country Music Awards. Still no word yet on the other big names like Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence, but we promise to update you when we hear anything.
Taylor Lautner和Josh Hutcherson都会出现在今年的颁奖礼上哦!然而,竞争对手Liam Hemsworth将会因为本周日的美国乡村音乐学院奖出现在拉斯维加斯。目前还是没有像Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart 以及Jennifer Lawrence这样大牌的消息,但是我们保证一有他们的消息就会第一时间通知大家。

In the meantime, we got a sneak peek today at the seating plans for the big show.

Emma Stone and boyfriend Andrew Garfield are sitting together on one side of the stage with a strategically placed aisle in between them. Seated by The Amazing Spider-Man lovebirds will be Heidi Klum, Nicki Minaj and Victoria Beckham with her three sons.
Emma Stone和男友Andrew Garfield将会一起坐在舞台的一边,他们之间的过道是有意安排的。坐在那对不可思议的蜘蛛侠爱侣旁边的会是Heidi Klum, Nicki Minaj和Victoria Beckham以及她的3个儿子。

Triple nominee Selena Gomez will be keeping Katy Perry company in prime center front-row seats sans her beau Justin Bieber, who's nominated for Favorite Male Singer.
三项提名加身的Selena Gomez将会和Katy Perry一起坐在最佳的中心位置上,可惜没有男友Justin Bieber的陪伴,Bieber被提名为最受欢迎男歌手。

Meanwhile, Taylor Swift will be watching the show from the other side of the stage alongside Zac Efron and Cee Lo Green. Jada Pinkett Smith and kids Willow and Jaden also have front row seats so they can cheer on Will Smith as he hosts.
与此同时,Taylor Swift将会在Zac Efron和Cee Lo Green的旁边,从舞台的另一边来观赏本次颁奖礼。Jada Pinkett Smith和她的孩子Willow以及Jaden同样坐在前排,那么他们可以在Will Smith主持的时候为他尽情欢呼了。

Rounding out the audience will be Victoria Justice and her Victorious costars, Modern Family's Ariel Winter and Nolan Gould, break-out band One Direction and Miranda Cosgrove, among many others.
坐在观众周围的将是Victoria Justice以及与她一起大获成功的合作演员,摩登家族成员Ariel Winter和Nolan Gould,正走红的乐队One Direction以及Miranda Cosgrove,当中还有其他人。