Have you ever gone on vacation and said to yourself, “I could live here?” On a trip to Jamaica, Kalisa Martin entertained that idea —and actually went through with it.

It was during a lingering and nasty New York City winter in March 2014. Martin and her boyfriend Jeff Belizaire decided to escape the snow by taking a last-minute getaway to Jamaica.

At the time, Martin had a dream job in the New York culinary world: brand director at Tasting Table, a digital destination for culinary enthusiasts. She also appeared on national television shows like Good Morning America.
在那时,马汀在纽约的烹饪界有着一份理想的工作:Tasting Table的品牌主理人,这是一家美食热爱者的线上聚集地。她同时也在国家电视节目如《早安美国》中出现过。

But there was something about that trip that spoke to Martin — profoundly.

“That long weekend, the idea of the B&B concept came up and we thought, ‘Why not?’It could happen, and it could happen right here in Jamaica,”said 30-year-old Martin. “That was the first time we seriously considered the idea.”

Within four months Martin had quit her job and was on her way to Jamaica with Belizaire to create The Runaway, a bed-and-breakfast that has grown into a lifestyle travel brand.
在四个月里,马汀辞了职,并和贝利泽尔踏上了去牙买加创造The Runaway的道路,一个有着“床加早餐”理念的想法开始成为一个生活方式旅游品牌。

“We ran away from the cold and the typical 9-5 to follow our dreams and create this new life,”says Martin.

And this isn’t your average bed-and-breakfast. The Runaway Jamaica is the first successfully funded B&B on Kickstarter. Backers donated almost $47,000 to help bring the property to life.
这也并非只是典型的“床加早餐”。The Runaway Jamaica是第一家成功在Kickstarter上得到资助的“床加早餐”理念的品牌。支持者们捐献了将近47000美元来帮助它成为现实。