Q: What are they talking about?

A: The Christmas lights aren’t taken down.

B: The men didn’t tell a girl that she lost her job.

C: How to find a right moment to fire a girl.

D: How to get a quickie before he goes to work.


整段对话是说:Chandler 还没有告诉他办公室的一位女同事已经被炒鱿鱼的事情。

B 描述正确,A,C,D 均不是重点


Monica: I can’t believe you. You still haven’t told that girl she doesn’t have a job yet?

Chandler: Well, you still haven’t taken down the Christmas lights.

Monica: Congratulations, I think you’ve found the world’s thinnest argument.

Chandler: I’m just trying to find the right moment, you know?

Rachel: Oh, well, that shouldn’t be so hard, now that you’re dating. (Imitating men at their worst) "Sweetheart, you’re fired, but how ’bout a quickie before I go to work? (Joey lets himself in, carrying a large paper shopping bag.)