Q: What can’t be concluded from the conversation?

A: The meeting with the guy went so great.

B: Monica loved the Brian’s song.

C: Monica asked Phoebe to make ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ yummy noises.

D: Monica has no plan for the big meal.


整段对话是说:Monica 去看了一个餐馆,想在那里工作,她自己很喜欢那个地方,过几天餐馆那边会过来品尝一下 Monica 亲自做的东西,Monica 和她的好友们正在商量这件事。

A 表述正确,整段对话 great 出现多次;
B 表述不正确,无法推断出 Monica 喜欢这首歌,事实上,开始 Monica 说的 I love my life 也不是在说Brian 的那首歌曲;
C 表述正确,Monica 想要 Phoebe 在旁边帮忙做些点缀作用;
D 表述正确,从最后的两个 I don’t know 可以推断出来。


Monica: Oh, I love my life, I love my life! 

Phoebe: Ooh! Brian's Song!

Rachel: The meeting with the guy went great?

Monica: So great! He showed me where the restaurant's going to be. It's this, it's this cute little place on 10th Street. Not too big, not too small. Just right. 

Chandler: Was it formerly owned by a blonde woman and some bears?

Monica: So anyway, I'm cooking dinner for him Monday night. You know, kind of like an audition. And Phoebe, he really wants you to be here, which will be great for me because then you can 'ooh' and 'ahh' and make yummy noises.

Rachel: What are you going to make?

Phoebe: (as though Rachel wasn't paying attention) Yummy noises.

Rachel: (pause) And Monica, what are you going to make?

Monica: I don't know. I don't know. It's just going to be so great!


yummy [ˈjʌmi] 美味的;好吃的;愉快的


former: 前者的;前任的;以前的。一般搭配:The former, the latter
audition [ɔːˈdɪʃn]: 试听;试镜  What do I need to prepare for my audition. 我需要为试镜准备什么?