Q: Which one is not correct according to the conversation?

A: Susan and Ross were a couple.

B: Susan is a lesbian.

C: Carol is a lesbian.

D: Ross grabbed the wrong jacket.


整段对话是说:Ross 将要和他的前妻 Carol 以及 Carol 的妻子 Susan 一起去参加一次孕妇培训课程。

A 描述不正确,从原文中听出:Is this just gonna be you and Carol? 那么 Carol 和 Ross 应该本是一对。
B、C 描述正确,Susan 和 Carol 都是拉拉。
D 正确,原文可以听出来


Rachel: So, is this just gonna be you and Carol?

Ross: No, Susan’s gonna be there too. We’ve got dads, we’ve got lesbians, the whole parenting team.

Rachel: Well, isn’t, isn’t that gonna be weird?

Ross: No, no. (Distractedly putting on a jacket to go out) I mean, it mighta been at first, but by now I, I think I’m pretty comfortable with the whole situation.

Monica: Ross, that’s my jacket.

Ross: I know.


lesbian [ˈlezbiən] 同性恋的女性