Q: Which of the following might be false?

A: The man is still single.

B: The woman’s name is Shelley.

C: The man enjoys the Japanese noodles very much.

D: The woman thinks the man is homosexual.

难度级别:★★★,A正确,整段对话的主旨是女方给男方介绍对象。B正确,但是,比较难听到,请看原文。C不正确,从“Better than this”可以推断出。D正确,因为给他介绍了个男的。


Chandler: Dehydrated Japanese noodles under fluorescent lights... does it get better than this?

Shelley: Question. You're not dating anybody, are you, because I met somebody who would be perfect for you.

Chandler: Ah, y'see, perfect might be a problem. Had you said 'co-dependent', or 'self-destructive'...

Shelley: Do you want a date Saturday?

Chandler: Yes please.

Shelley: Okay. He's cute, he's funny, he's-

Chandler: He's a he?

Shelley: Well yeah! ...Oh God. I- just- I thought- Good, Shelley. I'm just gonna go flush myself down the toilet now...(backs out of the room) Okay, goodbye...