My name is xxx, xxx graduated from medical school, professional learning nursing. I shall start my job-seeking self-description:

Precious health school life is over, now to summarize the pros and cons over the years, from well to improve in a succession of deficiencies, Looking back on the road itself, and also to see the future path .
Although my grades are not very good, but I gain in the process of learning a lot. First, I correct the attitude. I admitted to medical school, we had to liberate yourself, but I soon realized , Medical School of the learning is more need to work seriously. hard to see the students around the learning, the learning journey began medical school, who feel left behind. Medical School study is not as junior as spoon-fed, but the teacher had finished the course, and then see for yourself, to understand.
This time self-study ability and self-control is very important. Since long-term self-study I know wants to learn just is not enough hard at hard study, to learn “method” method of doing things. An old saying: “to teach him to fish than teach him to fish,” I aim here is to learn “ fishing, ”What are diligent in thinking, experience do not know where to ask diligently.
In learning to“ think independently ”as its motto, always keep in mind alert. in the acquisition of knowledge during that time, I with teachers and students to establish a strong friendship. the earnest teachers teach, so I appreciate the fun of learning. I and many of my classmates around, have also established good relations of learning, help each other overcome difficulties.
Learning nursing theory alone is not enough, even with good nursing skills. Therefore, in the practice of class time I will seek opportunities to operate more than a few times, with fewer medical school students already can be a lot of space for students. So I can take advantage of school hours and more to practice.
Health School of the fourth year in a hospital internship of our time, basically staying in the hospital a year are learning. Here I'll skilled nursing my operation technology, the theory and practice together, in, under the guidance of teachers in fully with my patience and love of patient care so that patients get good care, early recovery. To hospital practice recognizes that many nursing students are learning, also increase exchanges with other students and their learning opportunities, training their communication skills, learn the strengths of others and recognize their own shortcomings. So I like to practice . Although sometimes I feel tired, but, this music does not he.

I think his biggest drawback is that like the dual or even bent over with. Quick success, like the breath learn many things, but the greedy more than one can, even if it was able to learn, it had been too he is very tired. Now think about this is not good, the saying goes, you in essence not in Canton. over time, if I focus on one kind of knowledge, not for Bo, but refinement, I believe that more deeply understand and master this knowledge. Ever since I found myself have the shortcomings and problems, I often caution their own, can not be bent into the society of dual-use.
Life through four years of medical school, learned a lot of knowledge is more important is to master the technology of nursing operations. Thinking changed a lot of maturity, character, the more determination. To know many of my classmates and teachers, establish friendships and contacts with their improved their quality, and understand their own weaknesses and try to correct some.
Four years of medical school life, my life, a small section of this line is a sparkling short, it contains the sweat and the harvest level for my life line program plays a vital role.