My name is XXX, from the XXX, XX years old, aged. Graduated in June this year, the University of Press and Publication XXXX College, majoring in marketing.

I work hard at learning, open-minded, studious, interested in the professional knowledge, good at thinking and analysis, have a certain ability to apply professional knowledge, access to school in college scholarships and third-class second-class scholarship.
My English is a good foundation has been a college English 46 certificate, foreign trade companies are also internship. In the work the university has served as deputy team leader and members of other advocacy positions, job seriously.
In addition, as a class party during the party in time to the successful completion of the tasks to be trained in the ability to work while making their party spirit has been enhanced to form a pragmatic style of work. I am cheerful, good at communication, teacher and classmates have formed a good and harmonious relationships.
Experience in social work, I have done before and forwarding sales insurance sales, so sales have some experience. In addition, I worked at the Xinhua Bookstore outlets, good customer service have some experience. Attitude is everything I have followed the principle, I believe that as long as a down the well every detail, good customer service through their unremitting efforts, we will have good job performance.
Hope to apply their knowledge, but I also very much willing to try other types of work, receive training themselves, and accumulated more and rich social experience, and I believe that cheerful and humorous personality will allow me to adapt to the diversity of work. No matter what kind of work in the future, I will bring new job as a new starting point, constantly learning and enhance professional skills, my tireless responsible attitude and pragmatic style of work to do each one.