I am very glad to be here to introduce myself to you.

  My name is Wu Xinyi.And I have an English name,Cindy.

  I am eight years old.

  I’m from Chengnan elemantary school.

  I’m in grade one,class three.

  I love my teachers and classmates.

  All of us live in a large family.

  I can sing ,dance and draw well.

  I also like studying English .

  I have a dream to study abroad.

  This is my eye, I can see the world;

  This is my nose, I can breathe;

  This is my mouth, I can speak English;

  This is my ear, I can listen to music;

  I have a beautiful face;

  This is my hand, I can draw;

  This is my arm, I am strong.

  This is me, a confident girl.

  Thank you!