I am from XXX a communist party official community members, I call XXXX. On December 12th XXXX to join the Chinese communist party, and in XXXX on dec. 15 in July, xxxxwill achieve becomes smooth finish school joins XXXX district branch organization of this glorious.

During the period of school I studied the financial accounting major, and the students' management organization, in their constant efforts become an excellent student body President. In his work, the first learned to work, a good leader should have excellent work unceasingly, will have good interpersonal relationship.
Learn financial, enlightened life. XXX, let me understand the professional study, to be one step a footprint, the collapse of tashi. Now that I'm graduating from college, but walked into the classroom society, I knew I have many insufficient place, so after learning, I will like to sit in the senior leaders, learn a lot.
In order to progress to the community, in order to reflect the progress, the streets of advanced nature of the communist party of China, let us work together!