it is my plesure to meet you .today i am here to apply for the position of foreign trade clerk(or assistant,now let me tell you a little bit about myself.i am from jiangxi province . there are four members in my family,my parents,my elder sister and i.

i am always a energetic and enthusiastic person that have many hobbies .well ,i am fond of all kinds of outdoor activities such as playing tennis , doing some physicalsports and so on. (you can also say i am interested in…or doing sth is also my favourite activity)this year i will gratuade from tian jin foreign studyings university, with major in foreign trade(or international trade)。

i really like this industy very i am so lucky enough to be employed by your company,i will put what i have learnt together with my energy into my job and make some contribution to your company.

thank you very much!