My name is____ . I am from_____.

There are people in my family. My father works in a computer company.

He is a computer engineer. My mother works in a international trade company. She is also a busy woman.

I have a older sister and a younger brother. My sister is a junior in National Taiwan University. She majors in English.

My brother is an elementary school student. He is _______years old.

Hello,everyone. My name is giffer and I'm 12-year-old .I am Very pleased to be admitted to the Xicheng Foreign Language School.

My favourite subject is Chinese and English. My hobby is blown flute and reading. There is also a very good Orchestra here. The school orchestra and this will allow me to learn a lot of knowledge in this three years. I want to study well.

To give our parents and ourselves a satisfactory answer at this holiday.

I took part in the training of the orchestra. Participated in the torch relay Task.

I will Learn a lot and I hope that I can learn more knowledge at this secondary school.