Throughout the history, male leaders often made the society more violent and conflicting. If women governed the world, it would be a more peaceful world. To what extent do you agree or disagree? Give an example to support your idea.


模式一: 3句式 rephrase the title + quote others' opinions + make one's own point clear

用一个好的句式 Recently there has been a hot debate in the public over the issue whether the world would be more peace if women governed the world.

用动词变化和连词连接观点 Some people believe that women would be better governors while other people couldn't agree.

提出自己的观点,如果现在还没有明确的观点,可以虚晃一枪 I will analyze the two opinions and then give my own point of view.

模式二: 由于上面一篇文章并没有显示出创造性,所以容易被考官识破,只能得到5到5.5 分,实在是模板痕迹太过明显,所以可以考虑升级。

可以从world governor 或者man/ woman作为切入点,避免直接谈到话题,而是“后退一步”从话题的部分内容中切入

It's generally agreed that women are more considerate and patient than men. However, would the world be more peaceful if women were the governor of the world? Personally, I believe that women are better governors than men.

Undoubtedly, women and men should be treated equally. However, when it comes to governing the world, it seems that most of the governors are males just as the word "history" indicates history is "his story", not "her story". In my point of view, women would make better governors if given the chance.


At the mere mention of women governing the world, most of us may naturally form an unrealistic picture of a more peaceful world where the sun always shines. The other side of the picture, however, is just to the opposite.

Have you ever considered why the world should be governed by males most of the time? Has it ever occurred to you that women might make more competent leaders and the world would be more peaceful under their leadership? I sincerely believe that women could at least make equally capable leaders as men if not better.

Sometimes while looking back on the trip, one may find that seemingly the road has always been bumpy and muddy and sadly the driver has been a man most of the time. Some people may therefore come to a misunderstanding that it is the man driver who has made the voyage uncomfortable and even miserable. It is the same case when it comes to the human being's history. I sincerely believe that whether the society is more violent and conflicting may not have a close relationship with the gender of the leader.

通常我们不希望学生以一句话开头,不方便在第一段过早提出自己的所有理由,否则会导致body paragraphs 没有新观点引出。当然在第一段直接提出观点也不是不可以的。


I don't think there will be any possibilities to make such an assumption as to whether the world would be more peaceful if the world were governed by women. However, I believe that women may not make better leaders than men.