data在某一个时间段固定不变:fixed in time

在一系列的时间段中转变:changes over time


增加:increase / raise / rise / go up ...

减少:decrease / grow down / drop / fall ...

波动:fluctuate / rebound / undulate / wave ...

稳定:remain stable / stabilize / level off ...


动词 + 副词形式(Verb + Adverb form)

形容词 + 名词形式(Adjective + Noun form)

1. Verb + Adverb form

The number of XXX 



+from (第一时间) to (第二时间) / between (第一时间) and (第二时间) 

2. Adjective + Noun form

There was +

a sudden/rapid/dramatic/significant/sharp/steep/steady/gradual/slow/slight 


+in the number of XXX from (第一时间) to (第二时间) / between (第一时间) and (第二时间) 


The number of XXX remained steady/stable from (第一时间) to (第二时间) / between (第一时间) and (第二时间) 

The number of XXX stayed the same from (第一时间) to (第二时间) / between (第一时间) and (第二时间)

There was little change / hardly any change / no change in the number of XXX from (第一时间) to (第二时间) / between (第一时间) and (第二时间)


Noun form: 

steady drop / sharp rise peak / dramatic fall / sharp drop 

Verbal form: 

(to) bottom out / (to) reach the bottom / (to) increase gradually / (to) reach a plateau / (to) remain steady 

描述the highest point以及the lowest point:


The monthly profit / The figures / The situation ... 

+peaked in (月份/年) <准确时间点用at XXX> at XXX% / XXX(极点data) 

或者reached a peak / a high point at XXX% / XXX(极点data)


XXX bottomed out / reached

+rock / the bottom / a low point

或者hit a trough

此外,在描述过程中还有很多的conjunctional words/sentences,朗阁海外考试研究中心总结出最常用的固定搭配如下:

并列:as well as(句首/中), also, as well(句尾), either, neither, too, moreover, furthermore, in addition, additionally, besides, what's more, apart from ...

举例:for example, for instance, to illustrate, as an illustration, in particular, particularly, especially

事实:as a matter of fact, in fact, actually, as long as, so long as ...

雷同/近似:similarly, likewise(句首/尾), at the same time, equally ...

转折:however, whereas, nevertheless, nonetheless, though, although, even though, while, yet, on the contrary, contrarily, in contrast, conversely, on the other hand, unlikely, in stead (of), in spite of, despite of ...


1. cause-suggestion (几乎不常用) 

since / now that ...; I hope that... 

because of/on account of/owing to/thanks to + (doing) sth, I hope that... 

2. cause-effect (较常用) 

XXX lead to / bring about / result in/ account for ... 

(一个句子), therefore / thus / hence / as a result / consequently / (and) so ... 

3. effect-cause (较常用) 

XXX be caused by / result from / be the result of / be the effect of / be the consequence of ...

(一个句子), because ...

it is adj. that ...

it is unimaginable that ...

it is undeniable that ...

it is interesting to discover that ...


1. 主章开头

图表类型:table; chart; diagram; graph; column chart; pie graph

描述:show; describe; illustrate; can be seen from; clear; apparent; reveal; represent

内容:figure; statistic; number; percentage; proportion

2. 表示数据

一般:have 10%; at 10%; over 10% 

最高(低)点:peaked; reached a peak / high point

bottomed out; reached the bottom

变化:recover 略有回升;increase;  jump; rise/rose; climb

decrease; fall/fell; drop; decline; reduce 

fluctuate 浮动,摇摆不定

remained steady/stable; stay the same; little/hardly any /no change

变化程度:sudden/suddenly 突然的,意外的

rapid/rapidly 迅速的,飞快的,险峻的

dramatic/dramatically 戏剧性的,生动的

significant/significantly 有意义的,重大的,重要的

sharp/sharply 锐利的,明显的,急剧的

steep/steeply 急剧升降的

steady/steadily 稳固的,坚定不移的

gradual/gradually 渐进的,逐渐的

slow/slowly 缓慢的,不活跃的


stable/stably 稳定的

表示范围:from XXX to XXX; between XXX and XXX; for XXX to XXX多长时间直到

表示程度:almost adv. 几乎,差不多

nearly adv. 几乎,密切地

approximately adv. 近似的,大约

about adv. 附近,大约,转向,左右,周围

just over 刚超过

over adv. 结束,越过,从头到尾

exactly adv. 正确地,严密地

precisely adv. 正好,精确地;清晰地

比例:20 percent  20% 

one in three  1/3 

one out of every four  1/4 

3. 其它在描述中常用到的词

significant changes 图中一些较大变化

noticeable trend 明显趋势

during the same period 在同一时期

grow/grew 增长

distribute 分布,区别

unequally 不相等地

pronounced 明显的

average 平均

no doubt 无疑地

corresponding adj. 相应的,通讯的

represent vt. 阐述,表现

overall 总体上讲

except 除外

in the case of adv. 在...的情况下

in terms of / in respect of / regarding 在...方面

in contrast 相反,大不相同

in conclusion adv. 最后,总之

in comparison 相比之下

inversely adv. 相反地,倒转地

in general 通常,大体上,一般而言

range from 从…到…

excessive adj. 过多的,过分的,额外

lower v. 降低,跌落

elapse vi.(时间)过去,消逝

category n. 种类

government policy 政府政策

market forces 市场规律

measure n. 尺寸,方法,措施 v.估量,调节

forecast n. 先见,预见 v. 预测