七、Listening basics: entertainment

娱乐和放松的内容有很多,都跟个人的兴趣爱好有很大的关系。雅思的考点其实一直以来变化不大,只是会在现有考点的基础上进行细化和深入。例如:garden,museum,cinema这些考点已经变化为formal garden,royal/art museum,multi-screen cinema来进行考查了。

Music: jazz, classical, pop, rock and roll, folk music, dance music, disco, tango, string music, organ music, keyboard music, orchestra, light music, restaurant background music

Musical instruments: piano, flute, drum, guitar, violin, cello, cellist 

Cinema: documentary, comedy, tragedy, mime, romance, thrill, action, cartoon, sci-fi, historical, six-screen cinema

Theatre: opera, production, sitting capacity, seats, circle/balcony, box, drama house, curtain, performer, performance, box office, auditorium, backstage, make-up

八、Listening basics: research methodology/methods


Questionnaires: response rate (too low), representative, respondents, list of questions, expected results

Interviews: interviewees, face-to-face talk, age group (children, adult, senior citizens), tape recorder, cassette recorder, laptop, notebook

Fieldwork: field visit, field trip, field research, dos and don’ts, real life situation, write up report

Laboratory: experiment, set-up situation, not real, subject, sample, equipment

Observation: watch

Case study: investigation, survey (telephone survey, postal survey)

Experience: witness

Statistics: data analysis

Placement: a job, usually as part of a course of study, which gives you experience of a particular type of work

Students working together to collect data: visit organizations, interview people, telephoning, taking photos, write up report, analyze data, collect samples, at random

九、listening basics: building


building types: block, main building, wings, annexes, extension building, high-rise, complex, construction

structure: entrance hall, foyer, lobby, first floor, second floor, level one, level two, corridor, balcony

Front door, side door, rear door, fire door, fire exit

Lift, elevator, escalator, stairs

Reception, enquiry, lounge, waiting room, restroom, toilet

Walls, roof, ceiling, floor, basement, exterior walls, interior doors

building materials:  wood, timber, clay, earth, bricks, tiles, steel, glass, concrete, stone, black velvet, plastic, plaster board

architecture: ventilation, aeration (air-conditioning, fans, windows), reinforced

security: alarm system, double lock windows, video surveillance, security personnel, security officer, check ID, fire alarm, fire drill

Original use and current use: conference centre, car park, transport museum, factory, prison/jail, workshop

十、listening basics: geography

地理这一类中的考察点略微有些专业,但是环保低碳俨然已经成为了全球瞩目的焦点,所以大家也都与时俱进吧。剑桥雅思真题集cam 5 test 2 section 4 中关于南极洲的一些描述和细节你还记得吗?机经中频繁出现的沼泽,湿地的保护场景有没有引起你的注意呢?

terrain: plain, plateau, desert, mountain, hilly terrain, wetland, marshes, grass, pasture, ice shelf, cliffs

water resource: fresh water, underground water, subterranean water, reservoir, dam water, pond water, river, lake, sea water (NB: evaporation),

disasters: floods, drought, typhoon, hurricane, tornado, snow storm, thunderstorm, dust storm

Atmosphere: nitrogen, hydrogen, oxygen, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ozone

Mining: iron ore, coal, petroleum, gas, gold, barren mine, minerals, deposit, mining equipment (grease torch, candle, flashlight, torch, helmet) miners from Scotland…

Continents and oceans: Antarctica? Arctic?