[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER FIVE
[00:05.62]Pages 66 and 67
[00:10.34]Fishing with Birds Wang Damin sits on the side of the river cooking a meal,
[00:19.38]with a large bird on his head.
[00:23.64]The bird is a cormorant,and Damin is a fisherman
[00:29.99]He is over 65 now but still works every day.
[00:36.73]he is thin,and of average height,but he is very fit.
[00:44.07]Although he is an elderly man,
[00:48.48]he is strong enough to control his raft in river
[00:54.23]where he lives and works with his cormorants.
[00:59.69]Cormorants are large,black birds,about a metre long.
[01:06.72]They are good at catching fish,
[01:10.64]because they can swim well under water.
[01:15.47]Their large feet are used to push them quickly through the water.
[01:22.00]They can dive down 25 metres,and stay under water for up to two minutes.
[01:27.14]Damin does not require nets or a fishing rod to catch fish.
[01:38.06]That is done for him by his twelve cormorants.
[01:43.71]A fishing trip often begins in the late afternoon.
[01:49.32]Damin sets off on his bamboo raft with his birds.
[01:55.36]When he reaches the right place, he stops.
[02:00.76]A piece of grass is tied around the neck of each bird,
[02:06.80]so that it cannot swallow the fish.
[02:11.21]Then Damin pushes the birds into the water
[02:17.06]and jumps up and down and bangs the water with his pole.
[02:23.10]The fish are frightened by this.
[02:27.38]At night,a light is hung from the front of the raft.
[02:33.21]This enables the fisherman to see better,and also attracts the fish.
[02:40.73]The cormorants swim down and catch the fish,and bring them back to the raft.
[02:48.15]Later some of the fish are sold,
[02:52.56]and the rest are divided between Damin's family and the cormorants.
[02:59.36]Cormorant fishing is a traditional Chinese skill,
[03:04.79]probably more than a thousand years old.
[03:09.41]Damin enjoys his work,
[03:13.12]and he is teaching his grandson everything he knows.
[03:21.67]few young people are interested in doing this type of work in the modern world
[03:24.80]In fifty years,
[03:27.93]perhaps there will be no more cormorant fishermen in the world.
[03:33.78]LISTENING Page 69
[03:38.15]Correcting mistakes in a picture
[03:42.51]One day,Millie's father saw a man cutting out pictures of people.
[03:50.14]Listen to him describe the scene,
[03:54.37]and look at the picture.
[03:58.21]The artist has made some mistakes in the picture.
[04:03.85]Draw a circle around the things which are wrong.
[04:09.88]The first one is done for you.
[04:14.25]One day,I was walking near the bond when I saw a small crowd of people.
[04:21.77]I walked over to see what they were looking at.
[04:26.42]In the middle of the crowd there was a short old man,
[04:32.45]he was wearing a little hat on his head.
[04:37.18]He was dressed in a dark shirt and trousers and black shoes.
[04:43.82]In his hands he was holding a small pair of scissors.
[04:49.54]He was cutting something carefully using black paper.
[04:55.78]A young girl sat in a chair in front of them.
[05:00.43]She was looking up at her mother who was standing near her.
[05:06.18]The girl had lovely long hair.
[05:10.23]Then I realized that the old man was cutting a picture of her.
[05:14.88]A sign next the man said 'Paper Pictures,500 yuan.'
[05:21.80]One man in the crowd was holding a black paper of picture
[05:27.83]he was showing it to a woman.
[05:31.96]She was laughing at the picture.
[05:35.80]I watched the old man carefully.
[05:40.03]He was very skillful.
[05:43.69]I thought about having my picture done,
[05:48.34]but then I look up at the clock.
[05:52.39]It was 6:00 p.m.
[05:55.63]Time for dinner.
[05:58.97]I left the little crowd and went toward the underground station.
[06:08.14]Pages 73 and 74
[06:12.56]A Talk time
[06:16.37]The sounds [l] and [r]
[06:22.30]Exercise A1
[06:25.83]1 long lock light fly cloud collect
[06:36.75]2 wrong rock right fry crowd correct
[06:48.16]3 long wrong lock rock light right fly fry cloud crowd collect correct
[07:12.25]Exercise A2
[07:15.98]her new red radio receiver a long letter
[07:23.92]about her new red radio receiver recently wrote me a long letter
[07:35.55]about her new red radio receiver Lily recently wrote me a long letter
[07:46.75]about her new,red radio receiver.
[07:52.40]Exercise A3
[07:56.29]She rode along a lonely road.
[08:01.72]The light was slowly dying.
[08:06.35]The crowds of clouds up in the sky were looking down and crying.
[08:14.86]Exercise A4
[08:18.67]We said in Chapter 3
[08:22.75]that most words of three or more syllables
[08:28.47]have stress on either the first or the second syllable.
[08:34.01]However,some do not.
[08:38.35]They have the main stress on a later syllable.
[08:43.47]application electronic interrupt registration understand
[08:56.55]Exercise A5
[09:01.18]administration civilization communication misunderstand organization
[09:13.66]Exercise A6
[09:17.87]examination operation economical electricity encyclopaedia
[09:29.78]extra-curricular mathematician refugee
[09:40.41]Page 77
[09:43.83]Some Facts About Tea
[09:48.25]Tea is the most popular drink in the world besides plain water.
[09:55.95]There are thousands of different types of tea available.
[10:01.70]All tea comes from the Camellia Sinensis bush--also known as the Tea Plant.
[10:11.81]The leaves and buds of this plant are picked several times a year, usually by hand.
[10:20.64]After picking,the tea is processed into black tea,
[10:27.64]oolong tea,green tea or white tea.
[10:33.34]Black tea was invented in China in the Ming Dynasty
[10:40.05]as a way to keep tea fresh when it was being transported long distances.
[10:48.36]As tea has to travel a long distance to reach places such as Britain,
[10:56.45]Canada and Australia it is not surprising that westerners drink mostly black tea.
[11:07.27]However,the majority of the world drinks green tea.
[11:13.70]Herbal tea is prepared in the same way as regular tea but is not really tea.
[11:23.73]This is because it contains herbs,
[11:23.78]fruits,spices,etc but no leaves from the Tea Plant.
[11:32.79]To truly be tea,the leaves must come from this plant.
[11:40.18]All tea naturally contains caffeine,which comes from the tea leaves.
[11:47.79]Antioxidants are the properties found in some foods
[11:54.89]that reduce your risk of getting cancer and heart disease.
[12:01.84]All regular tea has a lot of antioxidants.
[12:08.45]Decaffeinated tea is regular tea(usually green or black)
[12:16.44]that has been processed to remove the caffeine.
[12:22.06]In recent years,organic tea has become popular,too.
[12:28.59]This is tea that comes from plants
[12:33.21]that have been grown without the use of any chemicals.
[12:39.72]People believe that it tastes better and is healthier
[12:46.14]but sometimes it costs more than non-organic tea.
[12:52.86]This is because the size of the crops is often smaller.