[00:11.55]page 61
[00:13.66]Family Lives
[00:16.35]Pansy spoke to two teenagers in connecti-on
[00:20.77]with the first article in a series on family life.
[00:25.31]Here is what the teenagers said.
[00:29.20]Tina (not her real name) — aged 14
[00:33.85]Pocket money?Well,my parents give me a generous allowance every month.
[00:34.39]If I spend it before the end of the month,
[00:39.04]they grumble a bit,but they always give me more.
[00:44.84]Also they never tell me to do anything,they always ask me.
[00:53.91]Sometimes there's an argument,but I always win it
[00:52.91]We're a democratic family.As for housework,
[00:59.41]I hardly ever do it.
[01:02.23]Sometimes my mother does ask me to clean my room if she's very busy,
[01:09.05]but she always gives me money or a present for helping her
[01:15.35]After all,housework is the job of the parents,isn't it?
[01:21.02]Yes,I get lots of presents,actually.I've got a Walkman
[01:28.70]my own TV,a stereo,a computer and lots of games and clothes
[01:39.20]They buy all the latest fashions for me
[01:43.32]and I just throw away the old ones.
[01:47.56]In fact,my parents give me most of the things that I ask for
[01:54.35]They never say 'No'.They want me to have a happy childhood
[02:01.11]Having my own TV is definite-ly a big advantage.
[02:07.23]I can watch it for hours on end,and no one disturbs me.
[02:13.21]It's great.I watch about fifteen hours a week.
[02:18.80]Norman (not his real name) also aged 14
[02:27.24]Yes,I get an allowance every month.It's fair,
[02:33.14]but a bit less than I would like.
[02:35.91]And my parents won't give me anything extra
[02:39.20]They say I have to learn to look after my money
[02:43.77]and live within a budget.
[02:45.89]I'll have to do that when I become independent.
[02:50.15]If they want me to do something,they tell me.
[02:53.62]They don't ask me.
[02:55.94]Sometimes I argue with them,but usually I lose.
[03:01.61]They say,'We are your parents.Until you're old enough
[03:10.97]we'll make the decisions that we think are best for you.
[03:14.89]With regard to housework,I've got to help for about an hour every day
[03:22.39]I've got to wash dishes and clothes,
[03:26.75]clean the floors and toilet and sometimes cook.
[03:31.98]My parents say I'll have to run my own home some day
[03:38.22]so it's better to learn how to do it now.
[03:41.67]They'd never dream of paying me for doing housework.
[03:49.55]It's the responsi-bility of the whole family,isn't it?
[03:53.86]My parents give me presents now and again
[03:58.54]usually things that I can use.
[04:02.25]For example,when they saw that I was serious about learning tennis
[04:08.02]they bought me a good racket.
[04:10.71]And they only buy me simple clothes that can last a long time.
[04:16.88]They often say 'No' when I ask for things.
[04:21.94]But if I can pay for something with money that I've earned my-self,
[04:26.23]that's different.They say it's bad to expect things for nothing.
[04:32.42]It won't be like that when I grow up
[04:36.36]We have one TV for the whole family,and I watch it for about seven hours a week
[04:44.85]My father believes that when you're watching TV
[04:49.53]you're not thinking,so your mind doesn't develop
[04:54.49]When I say that he watches more than I do,
[04:58.96]he says his mind has already developed.
[05:03.40]LISTEN PAGE 64
[05:08.00]Listening for information
[05:10.43]Listen to four short dialogues
[05:13.25]After each dialogue there is one question on the recording
[05:18.37]Choose the right answer below and write the letter in the box on the right
[09:39.23]SPEAKING page 68
[09:44.14]A Talk time
[09:46.98]give your self time to think
[09:45.98]A1 Sometimes you need time to think before you answer questions.
[09:54.47]Read the phone conver-sation between Tony and Doris
[09:59.65]and answer the questions below
[10:02.42]Tony:Hello,Doris.Let's go to the movies this afternoon
[10:08.22]Doris:Sorry,I've got to do the washing.
[10:11.43]But what about coming to help me?
[10:14.69]Then we can finish early and go.
[10:17.98]Tony:Well,er,that might be difficult.
[10:24.05]Doris:Why?Tony:dm,ah,I don't know how to use a washing machine
[10:33.84]Doris:No problem.We haven't got one.We use our hands.
[10:39.56]Tony:Yes,but you see,er,I'm a boy.Boys don't wash clothes.
[10:49.57]Doris:What rubbish!If you don't help me
[10:53.69]I'll never go to the movies with you again.
[10:57.12]Tony:I'll be right over.
[10:59.78]MORE PRACTISE page 74
[11:03.57]The importance of family
[11:06.23]Mrs Chen was a teacher in Nanjing
[11:12.19].One summer she was offered a job
[11:15.14]as the headmistress of an international school
[11:18.64]Unfortunately,the school was not in Nanjing
[11:23.06]It was in Shanghai.After thinking about it for a long time
[11:28.75]and discussing the offer with her husband
[11:32.33]Mrs Chen decided that it would be best to accept the job
[11:36.82]and move to Shanghai.One evening,after dinner,
[11:42.83]Mr and Mrs Chen asked their son,Huaming,
[11:47.22]to come and talk to them.
[11:47.33]Mrs Chen told Huaming about the decision to move to Shanghai
[11:53.62]Huaming was shocked and upset.
[11:57.67]He did not want to leave his friends
[12:00.91]and said that he would prefer to livewith his classmate
[12:04.75]Guo Sheng.His parents hoped that Huaming would later change his mind
[12:12.20]and be excited about moving to a new city when August came
[12:17.52]Soon,it was August.Mr and Mrs Chen were busy packing.
[12:24.32]However,Huaming insisted to stay in Nanjing and refused to pack his belongings
[12:33.09]When the day came for them to move to Shanghai
[12:37.90]Mr and Mrs Chen could not find Huaming anywhere
[12:42.37]They phoned Quo Sheng but he did not know
[12:47.33]where Huaming was either.Then they tried calling other friends of Huaming
[12:53.50]but no one knew where he went.
[12:56.97]What they did not know was that as Huaming was walking to his friend's house
[13:03.79]something happened.He walked past the park
[13:08.67]where he and his father often played football
[13:12.28]He walked past the supermarket that he usually went to with his mother
[13:19.23]He realized that these things would not be special without his family
[13:26.36]and that being with his parents was more important than staying in Nanjing.
[13:34.35]Huaming quickly ran home to apologize to his parents
[13:39.73]He told them he was looking forward to living in Shanghai
[13:38.73]and making many new friends there