[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER TWO
[00:09.82]READING Page 19
[00:13.01]Educational visits
[00:12.01]Joyce wanted to have some articles in the school newspaper
[00:17.81]about educational visits to other countries.
[00:22.72]She asked some older students to write these articles.
[00:28.41]A wonderful year in New Zealand By Tammy Luo
[00:35.21]If I went to New Zea-land, would I be able to understand people
[00:41.66]This was the question which first worried me
[00:45.65]when the American Field Service pro-gramme accepted me
[00:49.63]I stayed with a New Zealand family in Auckland for one year
[00:55.11]At first, I found that communicating was quite difficult.
[01:00.52]But my hosts were very patient,
[01:03.99]and they helped me to learn fast.
[01:06.42]As part of the pro-gramme,AFS students
[01:11.67]try to tell people about their own culture.
[01:15.30]I took many photos and postcards of China with me,
[01:20.11]as well as some simple Chinese books.
[01:24.03]I gave a talk about China to some classes in school
[01:28.60]and I even did some simple Chinese cooking It was a wonderful year.
[01:35.29]I learned about a new culture,
[01:39.94]and I became more confident.
[01:42.66]Visiting the poor in Thailand By Edwin Su
[01:49.37]Last year I went to Thailand for ten days.
[01:53.76]The trip was funded by World Vision,
[01:58.12]which helps poor people throughout the world.
[02:01.70]I went with another student and two reporters.
[02:05.62]The aim of the trip was to see the problems for ourselves
[02:10.72]We were deeply affected by what we saw.
[02:14.87]There is a big gap be-tween the lives of the rich and the poor,
[02:20.67]in some areas we saw families living in ru-bbish dumps.
[02:25.71]However,the Thai Government is working hard to im-prove the situation
[02:32.21]The trip was actually quite hard work
[02:37.11]but it was a very valuable experience for me.
[02:40.64]It has shown me how fortunate most of us are here in China
[02:45.63]Scholarship to Japan By Sylvia Wang
[02:51.71]This summer,I was for-tunate to win a Japan Airlines scholarship
[02:58.50]This enabled me to visit Japan for six weeks.
[03:03.60]For five weeks,all the foreign students lived in a hotel
[03:09.97]and attended Japanese language classes.
[03:13.47]We also had classes on Japanese culture,
[03:18.96]including flower-arranging and the art of tea-making.
[03:24.37]We went on sightseeing tours and visited a television station
[03:30.48]After the first five weeks
[03:34.45]we visited Kyoto the old capital of Japan, and Yokohama.
[03:41.32]We stayed with friend-ly families in these cities
[03:45.60]I thought that,if I went abroad,
[03:49.57]I would make many new friends. This turned out to be true.
[03:55.11]I met and talked to students from Korea,
[03:59.16]Brazil and Australia,as well as many Japanese
[04:05.12]I left Japan three months ago and since then,
[04:10.60]I have kept in touch with my new friends by writing letters.
[04:16.14]LISTENING Page 21
[04:22.44]Form-filling Stanley has won a British Council scholarship to Britain
[04:29.72]Listen to the conver-sation between Mrs Rixon and Stanley
[04:35.52]Pretend that you are Stanley.
[04:38.74]Fill in the information on the form below.