[00:00.00]沪江网 CHAPTER THREE
[00:02.98]READING Page 35
[00:07.73]The night of the horse
[00:11.49]A newspaper ran a short story competition on famous tales from history.
[00:20.04]This is a story one of the students sent in.
[00:25.60]The soldier came down the stairs--two at a time.
[00:32.65]'Captain,they've gone,
[00:38.01]'They've disappeared-all of them.The plain is...'
[00:45.77]But the captain of the guards was no longer listening.
[00:51.33]He was going up the stairs--three at a time.
[00:57.57]Seconds later,the captain stood on the high wall of the city of Troy.
[01:06.40]He looked down at the empty plain and,beyond it,at the empty sea.
[01:15.55]'They've gone and we've won,'he said.
[01:22.42]'The Greeks have tried for ten years to capture our city.
[01:29.36]Now they've sailed away.
[01:33.94]And they've taken everything with them.'
[01:38.98]'Not everything,sir,'the soldier said.
[01:44.12]'They've left their horse.'
[01:47.76]Outside the main gates of the city stood a huge horse made of wood.
[01:56.51]'Ah,yes,'the captain said,'that wooden horse.
[02:03.66]It's so big that they couldn't take it with them.
[02:09.83]Well,it's ours now.
[02:14.69]Get some help and pull it into the city.
[02:20.46]That won't be difficult.It's on wheels.'
[02:26.21]'But why is it on wheels?'the soldier asked.
[02:33.36]'I think that maybe the Greeks want us to...'
[02:40.91]The captain interrupted him.
[02:44.96]'You're a soldier,'he said.
[02:49.40]'You don't have to think.
[02:53.35]You have to obey orders,and I'm giving you one now.
[03:01.29]Move that horse.
[03:04.76]'And so the Trojans dragged it into the city with ropes.
[03:12.63]That night,in the main square of the city,
[03:18.58]all the citizens of Troy celebrated.
[03:24.04]They sang and danced around the horse,
[03:29.61]and made jokes about their enemies,the stupid Greeks.
[03:37.16]Then the Trojans made sure all the gates of the city were securely locked,
[03:46.72]and they all went to sleep,including the gate guards.
[03:54.37]By midnight,the square was empty,except for the giant horse.
[04:03.93]The six Greek soldiers waited for another hour,to be sure.
[04:12.89]Then,very quietly,
[04:17.15]they opened the secret door in the side of the horse and climbed out.
[04:26.58]No guards stopped them as they opened the main gates.
[04:33.84]Outside stood the Greek army.
[04:39.61]It had returned in the darkness when the citizens celebrated inside.
[04:48.26]Now the army enter the city.
[04:53.54]The Greeks seized the captain and dragged him away.
[04:59.89]For ten years,they could not capture the city by fighting.
[05:07.36]In one night,they succeeded in capturing it by a trick.
[05:15.22]LISTENING Page 38
[05:19.48]Picture sequencing
[05:23.13]How did the Trojan War start?
[05:28.10]To find out,we must go back more than two thousand years.
[05:35.15]Listen to the story on the recording,
[05:39.70]and put the pictures in the right order.
[05:44.66]Write the numbers 1-8 in the circles.
[05:51.14]Picture 1
[05:54.48]The King of Troy had a son called Paris.
[06:01.46]Paris was a handsome young man.
[06:06.42]One day Zuse the King of the gods told Paris that he had to be a judge in a competition
[06:18.49]Three of the goddesses all wanted to be the most beautiful goddess.
[06:27.13]Paris had to choose which goddess was the most beautiful one.
[06:34.89]In this pictures you can see Paris and the three goddesses.
[06:42.47]Picture 2
[06:46.13]Epherdety was one of the goddesses,
[06:51.09]she told Paris to choose her,'If you choose me' she said,
[06:59.45]'I will make the most beautiful woman in the world fall in love with you,
[07:05.90]And so Paris said that Epherdety was the most beautiful of the three goddesses.
[07:14.65]In the picture you can see Paris giving her the prise,a golden apple.
[07:22.41]Picture 3
[07:28.91]told Paris that the most beautiful woman in the world was Queen Hellen of Sbuter.
[07:37.25]Hellen was married to King Manalayers.
[07:42.71]Soon Paris got a fast ship and sailed from Troy to Sbuter.
[07:50.36]In this picture you can see Paris's ship sailing away from Troy.
[07:57.91]Picture 4
[08:01.36]Queen Hellen and King Manalayers welcomed Paris to Sbuter
[08:09.01]Hellen and Paris soon fell in love with each other.
[08:14.37]In this picture you can see Hellen Manalayers and Paris at dinner.
[08:22.52]Picture 5
[08:25.99]King Manalayers had to go away from Sbuter for a few days.
[08:33.25]As soon as he went Paris took Hellen to his ship,
[08:39.42]his man also stole a lot of gold from Sbuter.
[08:45.19]Picture 6
[08:48.95]They sailed back to Troy.
[08:53.00]The King of Troy was happy to see his son Paris again.
[08:59.95]Everyone in Troy loved Hellen,because she was so beautiful.
[09:06.51]In this picture you can see Paris and Hellen returning to Troy.
[09:14.06]Picture 7
[09:17.71]But King Manalayers was very angry.
[09:22.89]He called many of the other Greek Kings to help him.
[09:28.74]Together they went to attack Troy in many ships.
[09:35.27]In this picture you can see the ships coming towards Troy.
[09:42.24]Picture 8
[09:45.90]There were many battles in front of the walls of the Troy.
[09:51.96]You can see one of the battles in this picture.
[09:57.00]The Greeks and Trojans fought each other for ten years.
[10:03.25]But the Greeks could not get inside the walls until they played
[10:08.08]until they played the trick with the wooden horse.
[10:17.30]Pages 43 and 44
[10:22.34]A Talk time
[10:26.10]The sounds [t]and
[10:31.88]Exercise A1
[10:35.64]1 a tin a tick a tree a boat
[10:47.11]2 thin thick three both
[10:57.37]3 tin thin tick thick tree three boat both
[11:11.24]Exercise A2
[11:15.19]citizens celebrated thirteen thirsty citizens celebrated
[11:26.52]last month thirteen thirsty citizens celebrated
[11:35.59]On the thirtieth of last month,
[11:40.45]thirteen thirsty citizens celebrated.
[11:46.93]Exercise A3
[11:50.87]Three thick trees,
[11:56.12]Two black boats,
[12:00.98]Ten rusty tins,
[12:06.33]Eight thin goats.
[12:11.48]Exercise A4
[12:15.84]When we say words of three or more syllables,
[12:21.77]we usually stress either the first syllable or the second syllable.
[12:31.13]capturing celebrate difficult thunderstorm
[12:39.98]Exercise A5
[12:44.53]advantage defeated instruction intention October
[12:57.59]Exercise A6
[13:01.66]industry September
[13:06.70]accurate battery citizen construction
[13:15.06]everything percentage thankfully unthinking
[13:28.86]Page 47
[13:32.38]Qian Xuesen:Father of China's Aerospace Qian Xuesen is a pioneer
[13:39.62]Qian Xuesen is a pioneer in the development of China's aerospace science and technology
[13:50.25]He is called 'Father of China's Aerospace' and 'King of Rockets'.
[13:58.71]Qian was born in Shanghai on 11th December 1911.
[14:06.47]In 1934,he graduated from the Mechanical Engineering Department
[14:14.52] of Shanghai Jiaotong University.
[14:19.59]He then went to study in the USA,with the help of public funds.
[14:27.03]In 1939,he was awarded a doctorate in Aerospace and Mathematics
[14:35.89]from an American university.
[14:40.14]After this,he spent many years teaching
[14:46.00]and doing research work at universities in the USA.
[14:52.26]Qian returned to China in 1955.
[14:58.01]After Qian left the USA,
[15:02.69]an American writer wrote an article describing the importance of Qian's theories,
[15:11.65]and the rising strength of China's national defence.
[15:18.20]Four months after Qian's return to China,
[15:23.66]he submitted a report to the State Council
[15:28.81]about using China's aerospace industry for national defence.
[15:36.07]Based on his proposal,
[15:39.55]the State Council and the Central Military Commission
[15:45.29]set up the Committee of the Aerospace Industry.
[15:51.25]This was an important body for missile and aerospace science study
[15:58.51]and Qian was elected a member of the committee.
[16:03.68]Qian was very committed to his work on the use of rockets for national defence,
[16:11.42]and was later appointed the first President of the Missile Research Institute.
[16:19.57]He participated in the development and production of different types of missiles
[16:28.11]and the first Earth-orbited satellite in China.
[16:34.06]As well as science,heis also interested in medicine,
[16:40.54]philosophy and music,and is good at these things,too.
[16:47.60]On his 90th birthday,
[16:51.57]many leading scientists had a huge conference to honour his
[16:57.44]to honour his contribution to aerospace development.