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Hi Joachim, sorry to be a little late. No problem. Good to see you again. How was your trip? It was fine. No delays, just the usual traffic from the airport. And did you find our offices easily? Yes, thank you. Your directions were very clear. OK, so, can I get you a coffee before we start? Yes. I'd love one. White, one sugar, please. And, how are you fixed for time? I've got a couple of hours now. I hope that's enough. Sorry, do you mind if I just take this call ? No, of course not, Go ahead. Sorry about that – the boss. So, are you expecting it to be a good year ? Well, I hope so. Last year was pretty flat, as you know. Well, that's really what I'd like to talk about today. How we can ramp things up a bit. Can I be of any help with the marketing side of things ? That's kind of you, but we should be able to cope. It's just a question of programming it in. We're planning a campaign meeting next week. So I think that's been a useful start to our discussions. I will programme another meeting for two weeks' time. But I think you have to go now. Would you like to go for a meal this evening ? I'd love to, but I'm afraid I have to be back in London by six. No worries. Would you like a lift back to the station? That would be really nice, but I don't want to put you out. It's no problem. I'm going that way anyway.
你好,Joachim。迟到了真不好意思。 没事。很高兴我们能再次见面。你的旅程怎么样? 很好。没有塞车。从机场过来,路面一直畅通。 我们办公室应该不难找吧? 是的,多亏你的方向指示。 要在开始前喝杯咖啡吗? 好啊。请加一块糖 那你时差倒过来了吗? 我已经休息了几个小时,应该足够了。 不好意思。介意我接听电话吗? 可以。 真不好意思,是老板打来的。 根据你的预测,今年是一个丰收年吗? 我希望是。你也知道,上一年真的是很淡。 恩。这也是今天讨论中我 想谈的。 我们应该怎样扭转这样的局面呢?关于市场营销方面是否有什么我能帮忙的吗? 真谢谢你。但是我们自己能够搞掂。剩下的只是执行问题。下星期我们计划进行一次营销会议。 我想这对我们的讨论非常有用。我会在2个星期内组织另一次的会议。 你是不是有急事? 今晚一起进餐怎么样? 我也很想, 只是我要在6点甘回伦敦。 没事。那你需要搭顺风车到车站吗? 想当然想,但是我不想你为此特意出去一次。 没关系。我也是顺路。 ——译文来自: ouyangkate