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Well, hello. Good to see that you all made it, thank you. I hope that the programme I'm going to show you today will excite you as much as it does us. I should say before going through it, that although this will be a fun day, the ultimate aim is not just for everyone to have a good time, but to get to know each other better and to understand how each individual thinks, functions and likes to work. It's this understanding that will make us a stronger team. I've written a summary of the programme on the handout you've all got in front of you and I'll just go through the schedule now. We'll meet here at 8 am in the morning and be taken by coach direct to Silverstone racing circuit. That should take about 90 minutes. On arrival, we'll be met by Pauline Carter, who is our host for the day. She will explain the morning's activity and then we'll divide into four groups. Lunch will be at 1 pm in the corporate hospitality suite in the main grandstand and we have a guest speaker lined up. His identity will remain a surprise for now. After lunch Pauline will take us back to the track for the afternoon's activities and we should be finished by about 4:30.