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A lot of regions try to attract companies by offering low business rates. That's why we originally moved here seven years ago. Unfortunately, it was just a carrot to get people like us to move here. It lasted for a while, but last year the local authority put up rates by a massive 30%. Now it's as expensive as anywhere else. If someone is thinking of moving for similar reasons, I'd advise against it. It's like sitting in the garden in the evening trying to stay in the sun. You keep moving your chair, but sooner or later the shade catches up with you. We moved out here five years ago. Living in the city was expensive, but that wasn't the real motivation. I was commuting out to our offices every day, which are near the airport. It was taking me an hour and a half each way, which was crazy. Our house is now only ten minutes away, which is really handy. I can just take the bike or walk. It has other advantages too. The schools are great, there's lots of green space. Generally it's very peaceful, except when the planes go overhead, then you can't hear yourself think.
很多地区尝试提供低商业税来吸引公司投资。这就是为什么我们七年前迁址到了这里。可不幸的是,它是一个吸引人们迁移至此的引诱。我们在这里呆了了一段时间,但去年,当地政府将房地产税提高到巨大的30%。现在,这里像其余地方一样那么昂贵。如果有人想以相似的理由搬迁,我会反对这样做。这就像在傍晚坐在花园里,试图享受阳光,你不断地搬动椅子,但迟早阴影将笼罩你。 五年前,我们搬离了这里。在城市生活很昂贵,但这并不是真正的动机。我每天从家里到离机场很近的办公室上班,需要一个半小时,这令我非常抓狂。现在我们家离公司只有十分钟的路程,这非常的方便,我可以骑自行车或者走路。这么近也有其他的好处,学校非常棒,而且有很多的绿化。总的来说这里是非常安静的,除了有时飞机会在头顶上飞过,这是你会听不到自己的讲话。 ——By lsy34