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And are there any things you shouldn't talk about, any taboos ? Umm, I think the important thing is to show genuine interest in learning about China and its customs, and to be respectful of the country and the government. There are also a few different habits. Sometime during the meal there will be toasts, make sure that you make one to the most senior member of the group there. Any other tips ? Well, they appreciate the best, established brands with a quality reputation, having had limited access to western products in the past. Everyday practicalities? Er, people dress soberly for business, they shake hands on meeting, usually, though occasionally they'll just nod at you. They love to exchange business cards, so bring lots of those. And when you receive one make sure you study it carefully. It's very rude just to put it straight in your pocket.
有没有什么不该讨论的,一些禁忌? 嗯,我觉得重要的是要对了解中国及其风俗表现出真正的兴趣,尊敬这个国家和政府。当然也有一些不同的习惯。就餐期间有时需要敬酒。务必要向团队中最重要的成员敬酒。 还有其他的窍门么? 嗯,他们欣赏最好的东西,有着优良口碑的名牌。他们在过去很少能买到西方产品。日常实践?呃,人们从事商业活动的时候穿得很正式。他们见面的时候通常握手,尽管偶尔只是对你点点头。他们喜欢交换商务名片,所以可以多带点名片。当你接受一张名片时,务必要仔细研究一下。直接将名片扔到口袋里是很粗鲁的。 ——译文来自: 小默20121210