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Competition is so tough in our field that reducing costs became a necessity. We didn't really want to move the operation, but in the end we had to get our wage bill under control. Moving to Hungary has been a great success. The people are highly skilled, hard-working and very productive. The salary bill is about half what it was, but it is creeping up. I guess that's inevitable with developing economies. People want more money to buy more expensive things. We'd heard so many people say how stress-free life was in Australia, that we decided to take the plunge and move out here. And what they say is true. The people are relaxed, the sun shines and it's easy to get around. I say easy, but actually any trip becomes a major expedition. Australians will drive two hours to visit some friends without giving it a second thought. So we don't go out as much as we used to. When we do there are lots of things to do, it's not the cultural desert that people in Europe make out it is. Basically, it was just a lack of space. Our business was growing and we couldn't keep the level of stock that the orders demanded. We’ve now got more than enough.I just hope business stays buoyant. It has made delivery a little more expensive because we’re not as central as we were, most of our customers are in the London area. But you can't have it both ways. On the other hand, our suppliers probably find it easier to get stock to us, so I suppose the move has benefited them.
我们行业竞争如此激烈,以致于降低成本势在必行。我们本不愿意搬迁,但最后我们不得不控制成本。事实证明,迁到匈牙利是重大的成功之举。人们技术水平高,工作努力,生产率高,而我们支付的薪水是从前的一半,但现在薪水也悄然上涨了。我想对于发展中的经济体,这是不可避免的。人们需要挣更多的钱来购买更昂贵的物品。 我们早就听很多人说澳大利亚的生活没有压力,所以我们决定搬到这里。事实证明,那些人说的一点不假。这里的人很轻松,阳光照耀,旅行是一件易事。我说的容易,但其实任何旅途都会成为一次重大的探险。澳大利亚人走访朋友要驾车两小时,他们丝毫都不会犹豫就出门了。但是我们却不像以前那样外出频繁。我们一旦出门,就肯定会有很多事要做,这可不是因为欧洲人认为的文化贫瘠的缘故。 基本上,就是空间缺乏的问题。我们的生意规模扩大,以致于我们没有足够的存货来满足那么多的订单需求。现在我们有足够大的空间。但愿生意蒸蒸日上。如今交货价格略高于以往,因为我们不想以前一样处于中心地区,而我们的客户主要在伦敦区。 但是没有办法两全其美。从另一方面看,我们的供货商很可能会觉得发货更容易了,所以我认为此次搬迁供货商是受益者。 ——译文来自: isabelle_