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Hello David, Claudia, do have a seat. You're now coming towards the end of your training here. I hope you've both enjoyed your time. I've got one more task for you and this is it. Please listen carefully. What I'd like you to do is to think about the office environment you've been working in for the last six months and to produce some proposals on how it could be improved. There are some obvious areas to look at, because of the nature of our work and people being out of the office often, not everyone has his or her own desk and that can be a little frustrating. You may also think that the open plan office is a mistake. I certainly find it difficult sometimes when I have clients on the phone. Then there's the cosmetic side of it. People do comment on the décor being a little monotonous and impersonal. Maybe that's just a matter of taste. But these are conclusions I'd like you to draw for yourselves. I don't want to spoonfeed you or pre-empt your proposals. You've got a free hand, basically, and just three days. I suggest you spend the first couple looking around, talking to people, getting their views and write up your report on day three. One way or another I'd like the proposals on my desk first thing Thursday morning. Any questions?
David,Claudia,你们好,请坐。 你们在这里的培训即将结束了。我希望你们都觉得这段时间有所收获。最后的最后,我还有一个项目让你们完成。请认真听清楚。我希望你们评估一下你们在此工作了6个月的办公环境并对此誊写一份计划书以提出改善我们的工作环境的方式。 需要改善地方的有几点还挺明显的,如,由于我们的工种和员工经常在外跑业务,并非每一个员工都有自己的办公桌。这是挺让人失望的。 你也可以认为开放性工作环境是一个错误。每当我和客户谈电话的时候都感觉不太方便。还有装修方面,确实有人觉得办公室的装修死气沉沉和没有亲和力。这可能只是个人喜好问题。 但我希望你们自己去寻找并归纳这些结论。我不想让你们太懒散或者让你们完全听命与我写一份计划书.你们会有三天的空闲时间。我建议你们开始两天可以到处走走,和员工们谈谈并收集他们的一件。然后用第三天写好计划书。无论如何,我希望周四早上第一件事就是看到你们的报告。有什么不清楚的吗? ——译文来自: tszwen