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Like most good innovations, the one I will present to you today is beautifully simple. Successful new products to my mind fall into two categories. Firstly, those which are essentially luxuries. However seductively they're presented and packaged, they are unnecessary. And then there are those which are necessary, only people haven't realised it before because the product didn't exist. Which would you rather be selling? I know I'd rather be selling a neat solution to an unsolved problem. OK, so, how many of you only remember to water your house plants when you see them wilting or dying? How many of you then spend the next month over-watering the plant until its roots start to rot and its leaves start to blacken? Come on, we've all done it. Plant-carer is the answer to these problems. It's the brainchild of one of our R&D team, who made an early prototype of the product for his own use at home.