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I'd like to talk to you today about an approach to doing business that is fast gaining popularity. It is the concept of Triple Bottom Line. We all know the term bottom line and what it refers to, namely the financial profitability of the company. Triple Bottom Line, or 3BL as it is sometimes called, recognises that there are two other important factors in measuring a company's success, social performance and environmental performance. Put in a more friendly way 3BL is about "People. Planet and Profits". Nor are these things unconnected: the three legs are in fact strongly linked. Why is this important? In today's global economy, the standards set by business, and not by government, are more and more what affect people's lives. The environment, as we all know, is under unprecedented pressure. In many sectors, transport, energy generation, production of chemicals and plastics. Business can play its part in reducing pollution, particularly CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. It can also take more responsibility for the full lifecycle of products, from manufacture to disposal.