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He's not an easy guy to work for. He has very high expectations of his staff and he can be rude and too direct. Sensitivity is not his strong point. He often puts you on the spot, "What makes you think this will work?""Have you thought about the cost of this?" and so on. You have to be prepared to justify your actions a lot. Some people can't stand being challenged like this all the time, but you can't deny that he gets the most out of his staff. People do perform. There are people who listen to what you are saying, and people who hear what you are saying. Paul is one of the former. He does try to listen to other people's ideas, but his mind has often moved onto the next thing, and he doesn't take on board what you're saying. It's the same thing when he's expressing his own ideas and wishes. He kind of takes it for granted that everyone has reached the same point in their thinking that he has, when often they're still two or three steps behind. Don't get me wrong, he's a very nice guy, kind and clever, and he has lots of great ideas and vision for the company, but because of these communication difficulties, he can be very frustrating to work for. The financial rewards in our company are not so huge, but in spite of that, in my team we all stay very motivated because our boss really appreciates our work. She's actually very protective of her own people. She gives us a lot of praise. Other people in the company say she's a maverick, a kind of a loner. They say she's difficult to get on with and doesn't really have the company's interests at heart. But I wouldn't know about that really, because it's not the side of her that we see. What we get is 100% loyalty and encouragement.
他不是个难相处的人。他对员工的期望很高,性格粗鲁而且直接。他的敏感度不高,经常让你想入困境。“什么让你认为它会有效果?”“你考虑过成本吗”等这样的问题。你要时刻准备着如何证明自己的决定是对的。有些人受不了一直面对这样的挑战,但也无法否认他可以让员工最大限度的发挥自己的价值。他们确这样做了。 有些人在倾听你讲的话,有些人只是听听做罢。Pual属于前者。他总是努力去明白别人的想法,却经常把注意力转移到后面的事情上,并无法认同你所说的。当他表达自己的想法是也是如此。当他认为别人思想的高度理所当然的已经和他一致时,事实上这些人还差的远。别误会,他是一个很优秀、善良的人,而且对公司的发展提供了许多好的想法。 由于沟通方面的问题,和他一起工作常常让人很郁闷。 尽管我们公司的待遇不是特别好,但老板的激励让我们的团队依然充满动力。她很爱护手下,经常表扬我们。公司里的人都说她不合群,难相处,没有把公司的利益放在首位。我不清楚这些,因为我们从未见过她这样一面。我们得到的是绝对的忠诚和鼓舞。 ——译文来自: miss1210