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I admire my boss a lot. He's very capable. He knows exactly what he's doing and he's not afraid to get his hands dirty, not like some managers who think they're above it all. The one problem is that he takes on too much. I don't think it's because he doesn't trust us to do a good job. It's because he likes to be involved in everything. He's a bit of a control freak. The result is that he spreads himself very thin, when he could hand more work out to others, and he's often overloaded and stressed. Cheryl's not particularly brilliant, but she knows that. She knows her own limitations, which is certainly one of her strengths. In fact, I don't think you have to be particularly bright to be a manager. That's more a quality you need in a leader. A manager's job is to bring order to the workplace and the team, so that people are clear about what they should be doing and when they should be doing it. Cheryl is very good at getting everyone working in the most efficient way and that makes our working environment much less stressful.
我非常崇拜我的老板。 他很有才干和能力。 他清楚地知道他在干什么,也并不担心做些让自己的手变脏的基层工作。 这可不像有些认为自己早已超越那些底层的工作,不屑去做的经理那样。 虽然如此,他的问题在于他承担了太多的工作。 我并不认为这是因为他不信赖我们可以做好工作, 而是因为他喜欢亲身参与到每一件事情中去。他是有点儿控制癖的怪人。结果就是当他可以将更多工作分配给别人的时候,他却让自己承担了过多的责任,这让他经常会处于负载受压的状态。 Cheryl 并不是十分的优秀,但她清楚这一点。 她知道自己的缺陷所在,这也无疑是她的优势之一。 实际上,我并不认为作为一名经理需要十分聪慧杰出。 那更应该是一名领导所需要具备的一项品质。 一名经理的职责是让工作场所以及工作团队井然有序,这样大家就可以清楚地知道他们应该做些什么,什么时候去做。 Cheryl 非常善于让每个人都能以他们最高效的方式工作,这也为我们的工作环境减压不少。 ——译文来自: rebornknight