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Paragon. Can I help you ? Hello, is that Barbara ? Yes, speaking. Hi, Barbara, this is Paul from A1 Flooring in London. I'm just calling to discuss the extension of our contract for next year. Is this a good moment for you? Yes, as good as any, I guess. Let me just get a pen and paper so I can make some notes. OK, so where have we got to ? Well, first the good news. The Klik laminate flooring has been going really well here. you'll probably have noticed that from the order book in the last six months or so. Customers really love it. The feedback we've had has been excellent. That's great. It is good. I have to say, I'm not so surprised. It's an excellent product, very high quality and the price reflects that of course. Which brings me on to my next point. Now, I'm not asking for better commission. we're ok on that, but what would really help is more seasonal discounting from your end. What I mean is, reductions that we could pass straight on to our customers. Generally, we run sales in January, spring and late summer and at the moment Paragon's products are the only ones that don't feature. I suppose you could say that gives them a certain exclusivity in the eyes of the customer, but at the same time. I can see the logic of what you're saying, and I've no doubt it would help sales, but what you must understand is that it's very difficult for us to have a policy with you that's different from all our other customers.
Paragon,有什么需要我帮助你的吗? 您好,请问您是Barbara? 是的,请说。 您好,Barbara.我是来自伦敦A1 地板公司的Paul。我想和您讨论下明年我们合同延期的问题。您现在方便吗? 好的,我现在方便。我拿一下笔和纸,以便于我可以做些笔记。好了,我们讨论哪些要点? 首先是个好消息。Klik地板在这里销量真的很好。你或许将会从过去大约六个月的订货薄中发现这个现象。客户很喜欢它,我们收到的反馈也很好。 那太棒了。 它确实很好,但是我不得不说,我并不感到惊讶。它是一个高质量的好产品,当然从价格上看,也可以反映出这一点。为什么我要谈下面这一点呢? 现在,我并不是要求得到更高的佣金。在佣金方面,我觉得还可以,但是真正能帮助我们的是从你方那里得到更多的季节性折扣。我的意思是消费者可以直接享受到这种折扣。通常来说,在1月份、春天和夏末,我们的销量会波动。但是Pargon的产品是唯一没有表现这种特点的产品。我猜想你们的产品在消费者眼中有一定的排他性。 我理解你刚才所说的道理,并且毫无疑问它对销量有利,但是你必须理解,给你一个不同于我们其他客户的政策,对于我们而言,确实很难。 ——译文来自: jianjun1990