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Perhaps the greatest legacy of Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan is the way he transformed people's attitude to credit and debt. During his term of office not only the national debt of America, but also personal debt, increased substantially. Since the Great Depression of the 1930s, people in America have been naturally reluctant to borrow money. But for this generation, in the US and increasingly globally, debt has become respectable. From an early age, young people take out loans to pay their way through college and borrowing against equity in real estate is now at record levels. Re-mortgaging your home was unheard of generations ago, a second mortgage was an indication of a household in trouble. But today it is routine.
或许对于美联储主席艾伦·格林斯潘来说,最棒的遗产是他转变了人们对贷款和债务的态度。在他任职期间,不仅仅美国的国家债务大体上增长,连个人债务也有增长。 自从20世纪30年代大萧条以来,人们在美国已经不愿意借钱。但对于这一代人,在美国和日益全球化的时代,债务变得越来越受人尊重。从小,年轻人通过贷款的方式支付大学学费,用不动产作为抵押资产这方法,创下了历史的新纪录。重新抵押你的房子在以前是没有听说过,第二次抵押来贷款表明这家庭在金钱上有麻烦,但今天却是家常便饭的一件事。 ——By lsy34