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Is everyone ready? Good, then I'll begin. OK. Well, based on average growth in sales over the last two years and given the relatively stable state of the market at the moment as far as competition is concerned, we're forecasting a fairly modest increase in the first quarter, about 2 to 3%. We expect this to rise to between 7 and 10% in the second and third quarters, after the launch of the new slow, release version of the drug. Marketing tells me, thanks, Werner for your help with this. You're welcome. That demand for this version is strong and should be reflected in sales more or less immediately. So that's the basic picture. There are just a couple of monthly variations to this trend which I'll explain now. If you look at the graph, you'll see that in March last year sales went up quite sharply and that the figure predicted for this year is much lower.
大家准备好了吗?好的,那我要开始了,好的,就竞争而言,根据最近两年的平均销售增长和相对稳定的市场状态,我们预测在第一季度有一定程度的增长,大约2%到3%的增长。在随后的产品推介中将推出新型的药物,我们希望在第二季度和第三季度能达到7%到10%的增长,这是市场高速我的,谢谢Werner公司对我们的帮助。 不用客气。 对这个版本你的需求是非常强的,这在销售上或多或少有立即地反映。所以,这是基本的前景。我现在将要解释的就是这一趋势,而离这一趋势只剩几个月的时间。 如果你看这个图表,你会看见去年三月的销售量上升得非常快,而这图像预测今年的销售量却是低很多。 ——By lsy34