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We make financial software for medium-sized companies. Competition is strong, not necessarily price competition, because in our sector, quality, reliability and service are far more important factors. We use a sales technique that's called "relationship selling". In other words, we spend a lot of time getting to know each prospect's individual needs, their business processes, their strategic aims, and um. Also the issues and constraints they face. The idea is that the customer sees us as a partner, someone who's going to work with them and help them find the best solution for their business. Working this way, there are times when I have to freely admit to people that our products may not be best suited to their particular needs, but to be honest I'd much prefer to be doing that than using some hard-sell technique to push something I don't really believe in myself, you know. Thank you, Sarah.
我们为中等大小的公司制作金融软件。竞争是很厉害的,不一定是价格上的竞争。因为在我们行业中,质量,可信度和服务是更重要的因素。我们用的销售技术被称作“关系销售”。也就是说,我们花大量的时间去了解每个个体期望所需要的,他们的业务进程,他们的战略目标,还有嗯。还有他们所面临的问题和约束。想法是顾客把我们看作伙伴,把我们看做将与他们一起工作并且会帮助他们在业务是找到最佳解决方法的伙伴。用这种方式工作,我有时不得不坦率地向人们承认我们的产品可能不是最适合他们的特定的需要的,但是诚实地说,我更愿意做这些而不是去用一些很难卖出去的技术来推进一些连我自己都不相信的东西,你知道的。 谢谢你,Sarah。 ——译文来自: SibylBei