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So what is a coach exactly? Well, there are many different types of coach offering help in many different aspects of business and personal life from financial or management coaching through to parent coaching and work-life balance coaching. But the basic principles remain the same whatever the field, using simple psychology and simple direction to help people to believe in themselves and to achieve their goals. The great thing about coaches is that not only do they help you to identify your goals and the obstacles to achieving them, but they stay there cheering you on from the sidelines. In other words, they always help the clients to look forward. This is very unlike traditional counselling, which tends to focus more on past events and mistakes and helping the person to get over these before they can move on.
所以事实上辅导师是什么样的工作呢?辅导师在不同的领域像商业或者个人生活都能提供帮助,从财政辅导,管理辅导师到父母辅导和工作生活平衡的辅导。但基本的原则是不论在哪个方面,使用简单的心理学和简单的指引方法去帮助人们相信自己和达到自己的目的。 辅导师最棒的事情就是他们不仅仅帮你认清你的目标和障碍去实现你的目标,但他们在场外为你呐喊。换句话说,他们总是帮助他们的客户往前看。这跟传统的辅导不一样,它更倾向于把他们的注意力放在过去的事情和错误,在他们继续前进之前,帮助他们克服以前的苦难。 ——By lsy34