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Hello, Penco Telecommunications. At last, I was just about to hang up. I've been on the phone for ten minutes going through various options, none of which I wanted. I do apologise for the wait, sir. How can I help you ? I've been waiting in all day for an engineer to come and repair my line. He was due to come at ten o'clock this morning. It's now three in the afternoon. I telephoned at 12 o'clock and one of your operators promised to call me back, but she hasn't. I've wasted my day waiting around and worse than that I still can't receive any calls. I'm very sorry. Can I have your number and I'll look into it straight away ? Yes, it's 01889 245624. OK. One moment, I'm going to see who the engineer is that has been assigned to the job. OK, I have his number. I'm going to put you on hold and try to find out what's happened. Please don't disappear. As I said, it took me ten minutes to get through in the first place. Don't worry. I'll come straight back to you. One moment.
你好,Penco电信。 我差点就挂电话了。我已经打通电话有十分钟了,也有很多的选择,但没有一个是我所期待的。 非常抱歉让你等了,先生,有什么我能帮你的吗? 我在这里等一整天了,希望有个经历来维修我的电话线。他本来说今早十点过来的,现在已经是下午3点钟了。我十二点的时候打过电话,你们的一个接线员承诺说会回我电话,可是她没有。我把时间浪费在等电话,而且最糟糕的是我没有收到任何的来电。 我非常地抱歉。你能给我你的电话吗,我马上查一下。 好的,01889245624 好的,请稍后,我看看是那个经理选派了这个工作。好的,我有他的号码了。我稍后再接听你的电话,我去了解一下究竟发生了什么事。 请不要消失。就像我之前说的,最初的时候花了我十分钟等电话。 请不要担心,我马上就回来,请稍后。 ——By lsy34