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Ok, hi everyone. I'll make this brief, because I have another meeting to get to, but what I have to say is no less important for being short. As you know, in our three-year plan we had a target of 20% growth by the end of this year. As things stand, we're going to be quite a bit short of that, trading circumstances haven't been easy. And unless we do something about it in the next few months, the consequences on our share price could be pretty significant. The markets are already getting a bit twitchy as you will have read in the financial press. It's unrealistic to think that we are going to trade our way out of this. All the indications are that the market is going to remain flat for at least the next 12 months. So, what I need you to do is to come up with some possible targets for acquisition. We're looking for a medium-sized business, reasonably well established in the market. It doesn't have to be a toy business, but it must be related. In other words in the leisure retail sector, because that is where our expertise is. I don't need to tell you your jobs, I know you'll be discreet, but do get on with it, time's not on our side. I'll schedule a meeting for a month's time to hear what you've come up with.
大家好,我将会简短报道,因为我还有另外一个会议要开,但我要说的事情非常重要。 正如你们所知道的,在我们的三年计划中,今年年底我们有一个增长率20%的目标。就目前情况来看,我们的时间比较短,因为贸易环境并不简单。除非在接下来的几个月我们能做一些事情,最终的股价非常重要。在金融压力下,你可能已经感到市场已经变得非常紧张。 我们要在这样的情况下找出自己的贸易出路,这是不切实际的想法。所有的迹象都表明在未来的至少12个月里,市场将保持平稳。所以,我需要你们做的是想出一些可能的收购对象。我们在寻找一个中等规模,在市场上建立得不错的企业。它不需要是玩具企业,但要跟玩具相关的企业。换句话说,在休闲零售业,因为这是我们的专长所在的地方。我不需要你告诉你我的工作,我知道你会很谨慎,但请继续做下去,我们所剩的时间不多了。我会计划一个月后安排一次会议来听听你们所想出来的方法。 ——By lsy34