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I think where we went wrong was in assuming that price is always the most important concern, and simply keeping our margins low. Clearly, by doing this we haven't managed to regain market share. Our marketing consultant has suggested that we change our strategy and give increased attention to other things which are very important to people, such as reliability, quality and of delivery, even if it involves charging more. We'll be implementing various measures as quickly as possible. In the short term, we're going to reduce the number of quality control staff on the factory floor. We think we can do this without causing too many problems. We're also looking at the supplier of our metal casings. We think we can negotiate a better deal for these elsewhere. And we also need to give serious thought to the question of over heads. I've looked at the figures for the last five years and they're rather worrying. I feel we must do something to retain people longer. As things are, the cost to the company isn't easy to quantify. We don't have any reliable method of calculating it, but it must be considerable. After all, it takes quite a few weeks, or months, depending on the type of work, for anyone new to achieve maximum productivity, because there's so much information to acquire.
我想我们似乎弄错了加个总是最需要关注的问题,只是简单通过保持低利率。我们不能设法去重获市场份额。我们的市场顾问建议我们改变策略,更多的关注对人们重要的事情,比如可靠性,质量和交货,即使它包含更多的费用。 我们将尽可能快的实施各种方法。在短期内,我们将减少在工厂车间的质量控制人员的数量,我认为我们这样做不会造成太多的问题。我们也在寻找金属外壳的供应商,我们觉得我们可以在其他问题上有一个很好的写上,而且我们要认真考虑费用问题。 我看到过去五年的数字,这令人非常地担忧,我觉得我们必须做些事情来留住员工。按照目前的情况,公司的成本不容易去量化。我们没有任何可信的方法来计算,但这还是非常有必要的。毕竟,这花费了几星期,甚至几个月,根据工作的类型,为了让每个新人实现最大的生产力,因为这里获取很多的信息。 ——By lsy34