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When a customer complains, it's important to be sympathetic, but businesslike as well. Do apologise, of course, and then, taking a personal interest in the way the equipment will be used. Suggest a newer, more recent model rather than simply replacing the original one. This is often a good solution, because it not only deals with the complaint, but also the client feels they've got away with a bit extra to make up for the inconvenience. I don't think all complaints can be dealt with in the same way. Basically, you've got to solve the immediate problem to try to keep the customer's confidence. Sometimes guaranteeing your product for a longer period can be a good way to do this. Fix what's wrong as quickly as possible and show you're prepared to do so a second time if necessary. Point out that the customer won't have any worries, at least not until they need an upgrade. It's a good idea to let the customer know why there's been a problem. It shows you are prepared to be honest, and you might win a bit of sympathy. They realise that things don't always go right for the supplier either. But the most satisfactory thing to do is to offer a refund. Then, of course, they are more likely to deal with you again when they need a replacement.
当客户投诉时,同情很重要,当然公司也需要道歉,然后,把个人利益考虑到仪器的使用方式中,建议客户挑选一个更新的,最新的的产品要比之前的那个更好。这通常是一个很好的解决方案,因为这不仅解决了投诉,而且让客户感觉他们有幸得到了方便的补偿。 我不认为所有的投诉都能用同一种解决方法来解决。通常,你要立刻解决问题来稳住顾客的信心。有的时候,保修期长的产品是一个比较好的解决方法,这样你能尽快解决问题,而且显示出即使下一次出现同样的情况,你也有准备。指出至少客户在下次产品更新前都不需要担心产品再出现任何的问题。 让客户了解为什么会出现问题是一个很好的方法,这将显示出你很诚实对待问题,而且你可能还会赢得一些同情。他们会意识到有时候事情并总是朝供应商所想的方向走。但最令顾客高兴的就是退款。当然,当他们需要更换新的产品是,他们会乐意更你再次合作。 ——By lsy34